Impressive Specs Leak For New BlackBerry ‘Aristo’ Smartphone

With the release of the new BlackBerry operating system on the horizon, and promises from RIM that a whole host of new hardware will accompany that new operating system, we’ve seen surprisingly little in the way of actual hardware leaks or announcements. It looks like a glimpse of what might be BlackBerry’s new non-QWERTY flagship BB10 smartphone may have surfaced, though, in a leak from RapidBerry.

Code named “Aristo,” this new BlackBerry device has some impressive specs, if the leak is accurate. A 4.65-inch OLED display will make the Aristo a nice mid-sized smartphone; bigger than an iPhone, but smaller than a Galaxy S III. A quad-core processor from Qualcomm clocked at 1.5GHz, as well as 2GB of RAM, are pretty competitive with the top of the line Android stuff right now. There’s only 16GB of internal storage, which isn’t amazing, but it will have MicroSD support, so you’ll be able to expand its storage quota quite a bit.


There’s some other interesting things in the spec sheet too, such as NFC, Micro HDMI output, and a beefy 2800mAh battery. Overall, this is a seriously competitive smartphone in today’s market, and might be enough to get BlackBerry back in the game.

Even with these killer specs, though, the battle will really come down to software. We’ve seen very little information about what to expect in BB10, so whether or not it will actually be any good is still up in the air. If they do manage to build a solid OS – one that will be a worthy alternative to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8 – it certainly looks like they’ll have the hardware to back it up.

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