Workers Don’t Want An iPad!?

Workers don’t want an iPad!?

With Apple leading the way in post PC technology and the success of selling over 100 million iPads in around 30 Months (2 and half years) last October. Apple is now leading the way in the Consumer and Education market.

But some of you may say ‘What about the business workers market?’ and ‘Why hasn’t my laptop been replaced with a shiny Retina display iPad?’

Well recently a survey completed by Forrester claims that over 200 million global workers working in business want a Windows tablet!!??

Ok pick up yourself from the floor.

Forrester has provided in the chart below that 32% of workers would like their next tablet to be a Windows one. Where only 26% of global works want it to be an iPad. The most shocking is that only 12% of workers would like a Android tablet for work – back to the drawing board it seems hey Google??

Workers Prefer Windows Tablets Over The Apple iPad

Forrester’s also said that Apple currently powers 58% of tablets worldwide and only 2% of tablets are Windows. As 92% of desktops and 87% of laptop run on Windows and are connected to Window’s tech like data servers, Microsoft Exchange etc.

The question to ask is ‘Does Windows have a big light at the end of the tunnel in the tablet business industry?’ As seen in the chart according to Forrester’s it might…

For more information please find Forrester’s results here.

Do you think the puppy Apple will be able to hold fort and grow in the Business market like it is doing in the Consumer market? Or do you think the old dog of Microsoft might surprise us and be the way forward for Tablet’s in Business? Please share your thoughts…

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  • Fred Hill

    Hi Matt, I see you’re new! :) I’m pretty recent myself. in my eyes, I wouldn’t call Apple a puppy. More of a Rottweiler to be honest.

  • Matt Donoghue

    Hi Fred, yeah I am new, I am looking forward to work with you :-) I think your right probably more like a puppy Rottweiler that is excited about everything.