Windows Phone Pokes Fun At iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c In Seven New Ads, Now Removed

Looks like Microsoft’s Windows Phone department is still not done with making fun of the iPhone 5s. If you remember, Windows Phone poked fun at the iPhone 5s via Twitter right after Apple’s announcement on September 10th. Now, they are back with seven videos that bash the iPhone 5s’ camera, gold color and the iPhone 5c as well. We’ve seen plenty of other Apple bashing videos from Windows Phone and Microsoft, but these are the stupidest of all.


These ads are part of a new series called ‘A Fly On a wall in Cupertino’ and were posted on the Windows Phone YouTube channel a while ago. They show what clearly appears to be Tim Cook and Jony Ive listening to ideas given by two Apple designers on the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. The commercials are in no way funny, they’re just plain bad and Microsoft will surely get a bad rep for them.

Everything including the fingerprint sensor to the choice of colors for the iPhones have been made fun of. Microsoft isn’t doing well with the sales of their Windows Phone devices and the Surface tablets. Maybe this is their way of getting some publicity? Check out one of the seven videos  that was re-uploaded by another YouTube user, after the break:

What do you think of the videos? Too cruel perhaps? All of them end with the famous #Timetoswitch hashtag, which both Nokia and Microsoft uses for their Windows Phone products. I doubt if anyone’s going to switch after watching these videos. Are you?

Update: Microsoft has now made all of these videos private after realizing what they’ve done.

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  • hadzrul

    that is pure lame, dumb n deffinetely immature of microsoft to do.. deffinetely i wont buy a phone from such company..i might be dumb n lame as well if i do so

  • TorrentHacker

    i agree with you 110% mate… that was pure jealousy….. Microsoft is jealous that they cannot sell as many windows phones as iPhones… so they make these stupid videos to criticize the iPhone.

  • Joshua Jones Makaveli

    Come on now microsoft need to realize that windows is decent only on a PC.

  • Adam Abdelrahman

    Lol this was poorly written.