The iPad Mini, Nexus 7 And Kindle Fire HD Will All Blend, Apparently [VIDEO]

It’s not a proper day on the internet until you’ve watched some electronic gadgets get put in a blender.

In what has become a YouTube institution, the brave scientists of “Will it Blend?” have taken on the latest electronic devices once again. This time around, they’re attempting to pulverize a variety of new mini-tablets: the iPad Mini from Apple, the Nexus 7 from Google, and the Kindle Fire HD from Amazon. As you’ll see below, all three of the seven inch slates blend fairly easily.

It’s not entirely surprising that the tablets can’t withstand the power of Will it Blend’s blenders, since we haven’t really seen anything that can. They blended solid steel ball bearings with that thing! You can kind of gauge the durability of the devices being blended, though, by watching how long it takes for them to get chewed into dust. In this case, it looks like the iPad Mini lasted a little bit longer than its competitors.

Someone really needs to make a super strong gadget that’s capable of withstanding the blender’s power, just to mess with the Will it Blend people. Perhaps they should take on the Surface’s fancy magnesium shell next…

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