Will This End Up Being iOS 8? [Concept]

I know I know… “not an iOS 8 concept already,” but hey I thought I might as well give Nepalese designer Sangam Bhandari a chance.

iOS 7 was without a doubt a major reinvention of Apple’s mobile operating system in terms of its design, but when it comes down to it the OS as a whole has remained largely unchanged. It is still a grid of apps, where every other smartphone OS has moved on to bigger and better things.

Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with the way the User Interface is right now, but it would make sense Apple may want to try something a bit more innovative in the future and Bhandari may be on to something.

He imagines that the iOS 8 home screen could be more than just an app launcher and instead a combination of the Notification Center and and current home screen. Check out the concept images below and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

iOS 8 Concept

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  • http://WorldstarHipHop.com/ Joshua Jones Makaveli

    What the diffrence its the same as ios7?

  • Gh


  • Iphonejunky

    He should have at least done it on a 5s.. And yeah looks too much like ios7..

  • drew

    Yeah if someone could release this as a tweak when ios 7 gets jailbroken that’d be great

  • http://www.officialimeiunlock.com/ Nicolas Anderson

    i dont think soo

  • Alu Zeros

    personally there’s nothign different, and it’s done better in ios 7. If your going to do it as a home screen, then don’t have it as just incoming notifications. Make it so you can check your all your messages / etc right from the homescreen / lockscreen such as intelliscreen x

  • http://imacify.com/ Vincent Raja

    It looks like Symbian S60 V5 … :D

  • Wade

    Powered by android 4.5 :D

  • asdf

    tony montana…really? don corleone? I bet this guy is 15 and has posters of this stuff everywhere.

  • Michael Allen

    You have got to stop trying to make the home screen and the lock screen the same fucking thing….