White Screen Of Death Issue To Be Fixed In iOS 7.1

For the most part iOS 7 is pretty stable, but there are still a few lingering bugs that need to be patched. One of these bugs is the white screen of death issue some iPhone owners running iOS 7 are reporting. This is a bug that started appearing in the Apple Support Forums shortly after the official release of iOS 7.

Luckily for all of those experiencing the issue, however, Mashable has received a statement from Apple that a fix was coming soon. Apple spokesperson Trudy Miller stated:

“We have a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash.”

So just what does this bug entail?


Well the white screen of death bug causes your iOS Device to reboot when least expecting it. In other words all of sudden when you’re playing a game, for example, the screen would turn black (or white on white devices), and the Apple logo would appear. The next thing you know the device will be back at the lockscreen.

With this said, anyone experiencing this issue will be glad to know it will finally be taken care of in iOS 7.1 which is expected to drop sometime in March.

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  • Harry

    There is a simuilar bug that exists in the lock screens camera:

    (Make sure your passcode is set to ask after at least one minute)
    1) lock your iphone/ipod and slide up to go the camera
    2) take a video or mess around until your chosen passcode times is over
    3) go to the camera roll (make sure you are viewing it as an array of pictures)
    4) Then press the Home button
    5) Your device will show a blank springboard (only showing your wallpaper and the bar at the top of the screen)
    6) Your device will then respring and (if jailbroken) be in safemode (if non jailbroken) at a normal state


    There is also another black screen bug in 6.1.3 (found on iPad 2,4, jailbroken)
    After leaving my iPad on its own for about 5-9 hours when I went to try and use it, it showed a blank screen (black) but I could see that the iPad was on and working because firstly I could see the LEDs light up and when I did “slide to unlock” it unlocked and when I locked it it had the lock sound. Anyway I restarted the iPad a few times it was back to normal but the screen was fuzzing up and stuff so I uninstalled winterboard (that didnt work) and I found myself with a blank screen iPad. I restarted my iPad a few more times and I got it to work again but it was still showing fuzziness all over the screen. I went into Cydia and looked through my various packages and I thought that maybe RetrinaPad (it had been working problem free for about 2-3 weeks) was the cause so I uninstalled it and I did a respiring and my iPad was fine, I restarted it and it was working perfectly! Anyway it turned out that the cause of the problem was RetrinaPad


  • Bart

    so the best way to fix “white screen of death” is………. to buy BLACK iPhone :))