Watch Steve Jobs Unveil The First Mac, Unseen Since 1984

The first time that Steve Jobs demonstrated the Macintosh was at Apple’s annual shareholders meeting at the Flint Center in Cupertino, California. Jobs also gave a second demonstration of the Macintosh less than a week later, this time to the public at the monthly general meeting of the Boston Computer Society. This was actually the first demonstration of the Mac for the public.

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Unfortunately, however, this footage was thought to be lost, but Time Warner’s Harry McCracken managed to track down the vintage tapes of Steve Jobs little known presentation unseen since 1984. The footage was in a now obsolete format called U-matic, but the Computer History Museum managed to get them digitized, and the video appears to be far better than the one Apple managed for the shareholder meeting. McCracken elaborates:

As presented here, the video — which is a rough cut of the version that the Computer History Museum will preserve — has a few moments that have been reconstructed. The slides Jobs shows are the same ones he presented in Boston, but they’re borrowed from the video of the Cupertino event. And when Jobs shows a blurry slide of the IBM PC — provoking mirth from the audience and prompting him to say “Let’s be fair” — the blurring is a recreation of what really happened. (To this day, Rotenberg isn’t sure whether it was a prank on Apple’s part or a bona-fide technical glitch.)

“It’s so much more intimate,” Rotenberg says of the Boston version of the presentation. “It’s about the users, which is what you don’t get at the shareholder meeting.”

“This one was Steve really selling,” says Bricklin, who has shown clips of the presentation in talks to students for years, in the only instances of it being seen in public since it was recorded. “This is the Steve that we’ve now known for many years announcing other products. This is that Steve, giving the talk he’s given so many times that he knows it cold. It really makes a difference.”

You can check out the full video below:

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  • Bart

    Steve Wozniak – the BIGGEST looser of history mankind!

  • eXoguti093

    Loser* Should probably be about time to learn that, wouldn’t wanna use the wrong word in a serious situation

  • Brian Dodd

    Maybe meant like, loooooser..

  • SythsGod

    I really want to go on that stage back in 1984 with my iPhone in my hands and see all those minds just blown.

    You’ve done some amazing stuff Steve!