Upcoming Mobile Broadband Trends: By 2020 You Will Be Using 1GB Of Data Daily [INFOGRAPHIC]

It is no question that mobile devices are an ongoing trend that are only going to increase in the coming years. With an increased usage of smartphones, faster 4G LTE networks and more of a multimedia presence on mobile devices, it means that the amount of data we will be consuming will increase largely. As of right now the average smartphone users goes through about 15MB of data a day, but by 2020 this number could climb as high as 1GB.

This statistic comes from an infographic developed by Nokia Siemens Networks, as reported by GBM, that takes a look at some of the mobile broadband trends. It has been predicted that by 2015 almost 65% of the data we will be consuming will be from video content, with actual voice calling only taking up 0.4%. Take a look at the infographic for yourself below and be surprised by some these statistics…

Mobile Broadband Trends Infographic

What do you think of some of the predications made by Nokia Siemens Networks? Please share your thoughts or questions in the comments section below…

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  • iPhone4SGuy

    I think they are right, I mean, the iPhone has great Internet use ability, and I get through about 10 GBs A DAY on my iPhone, but on wifi. With mobile networks getting better, 1 GB is about right
    Per day.