The CEO Of Time Warner Is Rooting For An Apple Television

With all the rumors going around about an Apple-branded television set, it’s been a hot topic of discussion for people in the industry. Business Insider asked Jeff Bewkes, the CEO of Time Warner, what he thought of the idea of Apple making a TV, and it sounds like he’s all for it.

In response to a question about his feelings on Apple making a TV, Bewkes replied, “I hope they do. I think Apple is a great device company.” He also praised Apple interface design, and said that better interfaces is something that’s desperately needed in the TV market right now. The same old flipping through channels in a linear order system that we’ve had for decades now is looking more and more aged as more and more TV channels become available to us.

Apple TV Concept

Bewkes also offered a word of warning to Apple, though: he says that competition in the TV market will be fierce, and there may be some other new players looking to cash in on the “smart TV” phenomenon that’s looking like it will become quite a big market over the next few years. Apple will have to find ways to differentiate their TV from other smart TVs, which will be especially challenging when other companies like Samsung have already had quite a head start.

Of course, at this point, it’s all still hearsay. Apple hasn’t officially said anything about their supposed plans to make a television, and they might end up not doing so at all. If the rumors are true, however, it’s an exciting prospect for TV buyers. Even if you don’t want to buy an Apple TV, their entry into the market will certainly stir things up a bit, and force other manufacturers to do some innovating themselves.

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  • Randell Alderson

    They will wait till apple does something new and intuitive and do a watered down version and say it would have happened eventually like the other phones since the launch of iphone in 07