The 160GB iPod Classic Storage Visualized As A Stack Of Vinyl [Image]

We tend to forget that Apple offers other models of the iPod besides the iPod Touch. This is growing sign that people prefer touchscreen multimedia devices over those with mass amounts of storage like the iPod classic. In the past if you wanted to listen to a variety of music you needed a lot of storage. Nowadays, however, with music streaming services and cloud storage solutions this just isn’t the case.

The 160GB iPod Classic Storage Visualized As A Stack Of Vinyl [Image]

Don’t think this is what the stack looks like… this is just one segment

Apple still sells the 160GB iPod classic and as such there must still be some demand for the device that can hold up to 40,000 songs. Have you ever thought to yourself if you bought all of those songs on vinyl, how high would they stack up though?

Well if you have CultOfMac points to ConcertHotels, which has created an awesome webpage the details just this. Upon visiting the site and clicking on the down arrow the page will start automatically scrolling down, which takes a good 30 seconds or so! In total there would be 3,180 albums and stacked together would weigh about 1,400 pounds.

Crazy, huh?

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  • Macaddict

    Best visual I’ve seen in a long time!

  • Joshua Jones Makaveli

    I love my black ipod classic<3