Steve Jobs’ Yacht Is Free To Sail The Seven Seas Once Again, Temporary Agreement Reached With Its Designer

A few days ago it was reported that Steve Jobs’ yacht — called Venus — was impounded over an unpaid bill to its designer Phillipe Starck. To make a long story short, apparently Jobs’ promised Starck more compensation that he initially received. The only problem was, because both Jobs and Starck trusted each other, there was not a very detailed contract on the amount of money he was set to receive upon its completion.

The amount of money we are talking is around the $3 million mark and is obviously quite substantial. Starck and his lawyers impounded the boat until both parties could come to an agreement.

According to TheNextWeb, a french newspaper by the name of Le Monde has reported that both parties have temporarily reached an agreement and the yacht is now free to sail the seven seas once again. “A solution has been found and a security has been lodged on a bank account for the boat to be free to leave,” said one of Jobs’ lawyers.


The Venus project cost around $132 million to build and the vessel was completed in October. Jobs’ originally wanted to sail around the world in it with his family, but alas passed away before its completion.

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  • Suissa

    A new patent signed by Apple.
    Containing mountain lion and has 12-core proccessor ;)