Siri To Soon Be Opened Up To Developers With New SDK For iWatch

For some time now Apple has been rumored to open Siri up to developers, and now it looks like that time may be coming sooner than later. According to a report from The Information (via TechCrunch) Apple is planning on creating a Siri SDK so developers will be able to integrate their apps with the much-rumored iWatch.


Apple is reportedly working on not only a Siri SDK, but increasing Siri’s ability to search and making the virtual assistant overall much more intelligent. Siri will without a doubt be one of the most important ways to interact with the iWatch due to its small screen, and hence it becomes important to improve its capabilities.

The report points out how the Siri of today can’t do things like book a car rental or make a hotel reservation, or use a messaging app other than Messages to send a text. The improvements to Siri would potentially enable those types of things, enabling third-party integrations that don’t require one-to-one business arrangement between Apple and the external company. Current integrations like those with OpenTable and Wolfram Alpha do involve those direct deals, which limits the pace at which new third-party powers can be added to Siri.

Before Siri was acquired by Apple it actually had a lot more functionality than it does now. Apple removed a lot of functionality, however, because it wanted to ensure it was not full of bugs. It instead decided to improve the virtual assistant with every generation. With a Siri SDK, however, the utility would rapidly improve.

It was also reported that Apple is working on making Siri intelligent-enough to automatically decide what appears on the iWatch’s small screen real estate based on the current scenario. So if you were jogging for example the iWatch would automatically launching the running app.

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