Samsung Takes The Top Spot As The World’s Biggest Chip Buyer, Taking The Title Away From Apple

For the longest time Apple has been the world’s biggest buyer of semiconductors. According to a new report from Bloomberg however, the tides have changed and Samsung is now the biggest buyer of semiconductors thanks to consumer demand for its smartphones and tablet computers.

The actual findings come from Gartner Inc. who have stated “Samsung’s chip purchases surged 29 percent to $23.9 billion in 2012, while Apple’s semiconductor spending rose 14 percent to $21.4 billion.”

It is no question that Samsung has a larger lineup of products compared to Apple and thanks to this larger lineup it is able to target entry-level consumers which allow the company to sell more smartphones and tablets; obviously resulting in the company buying more semiconductors. Gartner further goes on to say “the Korean company is buying more chips as its wider range of mobile devices helps it outsell Apple in markets from the U.S. to China. Samsung’s strength in phones and tables also let it avoid a slump in PC demand that caused global chip sales to fall 3 percent last year to $297.6 billion.”

Samsung Becomes The World's Biggest Chip Buyer

Sorry Apple you may have bit off more than you can chew…

Apparently due to the PC slump, six of the top 10 chip buyers have cut spending, a definite sign we are in the post-PC era. It is no question that Samsung has become a force to reckon with over the last couple of years and some have even predicted that Apple will be playing catchup to the Korean company.

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