With The Rumor That Apple Is Developing A Smart Watch, It Looks Like Samsung Want Some Of That Smart Watch Pie As Well…

As you may already know Smart Watches have become a reality within the last few months with the launch of the ‘Pebble Smart Watch’ and more recently we also talked about Apple possibly developing a watch as well.

Well guess what? It looks like Samsung might be making a smart phone watch of their own too.

As you can see in these photos (shown below) provided by SlashGear, it looks like it will have the ability to play music, load maps or read books and also the ability to check messages. It is further worth noting that it will be called ‘Samsung Galaxy Altius’ and if you have been following news about the Galaxy S4, this is its codename.

Samsung Galaxy Altius

With confusion and rumors now spreading, one big question to ask is what operating system would this watch run on? Will it be an Android OS showcase with a Samsung Skin on top? Or will it be a brand new interface and software design due to general watch’s screens normally being so small.

Samsung Smart Watch

The Pebble Watch currently is a great add-on accessory to any iPhone or Android phone. But its only criticism is that you need a phone to use it to its full potential. Samsung and Apple might have another idea in what to use a Smart Watch for…

Do you think Samsung is looking into the Smart Watch market? Also Apple was the first to bring out a revolutionary smart phone and tablet. Do you think Samsung will be the creators of a revolutionary Smart Watch before Apple? Finally on that note do you think Samsung might even release their model before Apple makes their rumored iWatch?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ethyn-Resausk/100000561895299 Ethyn Resausk

    Seriously….why. Such a stupid design when you can look at your phone with a simple touch of the power button to tell time. Of course there’s those Apple Hipsters that will buy such a Neanderthal of a product. Such a shame this society.

  • ijailbreakuser

    If you only expect Time then It is correct …. But there is alot of things will run with that …