Samsung Official Says They Didn’t Hike Prices For iPhone And iPad Processors

Earlier this week a report from Korean publication ‘Chosun‘ stated that Samsung had hiked the prices for the processors it manufactures for Apple. The report claimed that Samsung increased prices by 20 percent and Apple agreed. It turns out that report was false.

Samsung Didn't Raise The Price Of iPhone / iPad Processors

According to The Hankyoreh, a Seoul-based newspaper, who received word from a Samsung official, the reports aren’t true. The Samsung official told the newspaper that prices for processors are set at the beginning of the year and can’t be changed easily. The person preferred to be anonymous.

The Apple A series chips are designed by Apple, but Samsung manufactures them. The relationship between the two companies is not the best, but both have been working together for quite some time. Another recent report coming from Korea stated that Samsung was going to stop selling LCD panels to Apple, which was also turned down by a Samsung official. Something weird is going on in Korea. Don’t you think?

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