Samsung’s Appeal Falls Short, Galaxy Tab 10.1 Will Remain Banned In The USA

Last month, we saw Apple win an injunction against Samsung on copyright infringement grounds, which resulted in a ban on Galaxy Tabs in the U.S.A. Samsung was quick to appeal the decision, and is hoping the ruling would be overturned. Engadget reports today that they have been denied a request for the injunction to be delayed until after the appeal, by both the original District Court judge and the Court of Appeals.

Samsung Denied Appeal Request, Galaxy Tab Still Banned In U.S.

The Court of Appeals has also denied Samsung’s request to expedite the appeal process, meaning this whole affair is likely to get dragged out for a few months. During those months, Samsung will not be able to sell Galaxy Tabs in America. The situation looks grim for Samsung.

Samsung Denied Appeal Request, Galaxy Tab Still Banned In U.S.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales will continue to cease in the United States.

The one saving grace for the Korean electronics giant is that the newer Galaxy Tab 2 is not covered by this injunction. Only the older Galaxy Tab 10.1 is affected, which is getting pretty aged now anyways. Sales of its successor will continue unabated. One has to wonder if the negative press Apple is getting for this lawsuit will push some people to buy the Galaxy Tab 2 instead of an iPad.

How do you feel about this whole situation? Does Apple’s anti-competitive litigation make you less likely to buy their products? Sound off in the comments.

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  • Vince Pinaula

    I have not been a fan of apple products for many years now. The only apple product I owned was the iPod and iPod touch simply for the music. Now that I have my new razr and a 32 gig SD card,both those are a thing of the past. When my friends and coworkers ask an opinion on what they should purchase I recommend an android product,be it the galaxy tab, still available in Europe, the razr, or the new Galaxy SIII. If it weren’t for my current contract, I would already have the SIII. Keep fighting Samsung!! You still have some loyal customers.

  • CWWilliams88

    I’m glad it’s not in the tab2. But I’ll continue to buy Samsung products

  • techsmith

    I don’t care for this article calling Apple’s behavior uncompetitive.  If they were being uncompetitive then they would have lost the injunction.  Competition is when multiple companies try to be the best by developing the best or cheapest product.  It’s not wait for one company to design a product, copy it so you can skip the R&D cost (i.e. steal), and then sell it.  Apple has the right to fight.