Samsung Claims The iPad Mini Infringes On Their Patents, Of Course

Despite being multi-billion dollar corporations who are both making tons of profit right now, Samsung and Apple seem dead set on continuing to squabble like children. After the huge lawsuit between the two wrapped up earlier this year, resulting in a verdict in Apple’s favour that would have Samsung paying them over one billion dollars, they hardly even took a break before they were suing each other all over again.

This new case, that probably won’t see a court room until sometime next year, includes all of the newer devices that weren’t named in the earlier case. Apple has claimed their patents are being infringed by the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Nexus, and Samsung has returned fire by saying the newest versions of the iPod Touch and iPad are infringing. They’ve now added the iPad Mini to that list, and it awaits the judge’s approval to be added to the case.

Samsung Claims the iPad Mini Infringes on Their Patents

As the legal battle continues to drag on unto infinity, neither company appears to be working on a ceasefire. Samsung has publicly stated that they have no intentions of working out a patent licensing agreement with Apple, because they believe Apple’s patents are overly broad and invalid. For their part, Apple has asked for an exorbitant amount of money (as much as $30 per device) if such a patent licensing deal were to be made; there’s no chance such a deal would actually be accepted by Samsung.

A patent deal isn’t completely out of the question, however, if both companies decide it would be beneficial. Apple recently reached an agreement with HTC to license some patents, and the upcoming legal battle between the two companies has been avoided. In a recent court decision, it looks like Samsung will be granted access to that licensing deal, and will even know how much HTC is paying Apple. This could be valuable information for Samsung, if it comes down to licensing negotiations. We don’t hold our breath for it to happen any time soon, though.

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