Samsung To Release A Revolutionary TV At CES 2013 [Video]

Apple has long been rumored to release a TV that will revolutionize the television industry. Apple’s design philosophy revolves around perfection however, and as such the fruit company will not release a product until it exceeds Apple’s own expectations. That is why there is a lot of products and mockups of existing products created by Apple that never reaches consumers.

Other companies like Samsung don’t abide by this philosophy to the same degree. It is without a doubt that companies like Samsung are innovative, but a lot of people would argue, not to the same degree as Apple. While Apple pioneered the modern day smartphone and tablet, Samsung simply piggy backed off the new trend and profited immensely. The court proved this, with Samsung having to pay a hefty fine.

Samsung TV CES 2013

Now it looks like Samsung is getting ready to unveil a revolution of its own. Samsung released a new trailer for an upcoming TV they are developing that is “unlike anything the world has ever seen.” This TV will be unveiled at CES 2013.

At this time it is not known what Samsung means by revolutionary, but some predictions include a 4K frameless TV that features both gesture and voice navigation. This would definitely be a pretty impressive TV to say the least.

Do you think Samsung will beat Apple to the television market with this new TV? What features do you think it will include? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Losh Loshan

    That was quite obvious that Samsung has beaten Apple to the TV market, as they have been in the t.v. market for some time now, but Apple will intruduce a good competitor.

  • Frost

    Not only was this article obviously incredibly bias towards apple it wasn’t very well researched. As pointed out by Losh; Samsung has been making TVs for a while.
    They mentioned that Samsung “piggybacked” Apple’s smartphone and tablet ideas.
    That is how technological progress is made.
    Did apple invent the semiconductor, unix (the OS that IOS uses) or the portable computer?
    No, but they “proffit immensely” from them.