Samsung Airs New Commercial Bashing Both BlackBerry Handsets And The iPhone

Samsung has aired a new commercial recently that is aimed mostly towards bashing the BlackBerry, but of course, Samsung being Samsung, they couldn’t leave out the iPhone either. This commercial aired during yesterday’s NFC championship game and was then uploaded directly to Samsung’s YouTube channel.

The commercial is essentially centred around a group of individuals working for a company developing a game called Unicorn Apocalypse who are now allowed to use any cellphone of their choice. Of course the BlackBerry gets targeted righto off the bat, with a Galaxy Note 2 user saying “are you finally going to retire that thing?” The iPhone is also brought to the chopping board with Samsung trying to get the message across that iPhone’s are only for personal use and not for business.


The end result is Samsung showing off a new page dedicated to directly promoting the fact that Samsung makes some great devices for businesses. On this page you can ask a Samsung rep some frequently asked questions and have her reply to you through a pre-recorded video. Apple also has such a page promoting iPhone use in business.

Personally I am not a fan of Samsung’s advertising tactics, but what about you? What did you think of Samsung’s latest attempt to make themselves seem like the knight in shining armor? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Alu Zeros

    Funny, still think iphone has better overall hardware, but android has a better OS.

  • Sandy Cook

    Samsung isn’t half as obnoxious as Apple

  • David Margolin

    then you must be an idiot… iphone has better hardware??? you do realize that there are hundreds of android phones…a lot of which have better processors/cameras/batteries/displays/nfc/speakers
    gotta agree on android bieng a better os though

  • Vinny

    Lol galaxy sucks for business on any level

  • Abi Manyu

    you both wrong. apple has the best synergy of its hardware and os. android can put quad core , hugh amount of ram, slap some project butter, but still can’t match iphone smothness. you both mistakenly think an easy-to-mod os as a better os.

  • Fighter

    Abi is right the co-ordination of hardware and apple os is work like a powerfull device. Android companies can put billion core processor and terabyte of rams but still the main problem is with the driver. Android is really a porn for smartphone industry.

  • David Margolin

    an easy-to-mod os is a better os… yeah, the stock crap that the manufacturer gave us will never match ios.. but my phone (evo 3d) has a fairly large developer base and with some of the roms, i can safely say, it is much smoother than ios will ever be…so yeah, stock, our android phones are crap.. but with what the great devs over at xda or androidforums can do, ios is no match…

  • Joseph Aoun

    This video made me laugh