Samsung’s New Ad For Galaxy Tab Pro Throws Dirt At iPad, Surface And Kindle

Earlier today, Samsung released a new television ad for their Galaxy Tab Pro series. In the ad, the Korean company explained how its devices can do more than one task at a time. And as always, they also bashed the Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface and the Amazon Kindle.


There are four scenes in this ad, the first one compares the new Galaxy Tab Pro with the Apple iPad and shows how the former can run two apps simultaneously, while the other can’t. This feature of being able to run two apps side-by-side can actually be pretty useful.

In the next scene, three strangers are seen working on their tablets, two of them using Samsung Galaxy Tabs and one using the Microsoft Surface. The lady asks the guy with the Surface to move his laptop to which he responds, ‘This is actually a tablet’. When you have a separate keyboard, battery pack and a mouse attached to your tablet, it does look like a laptop.

The third scene involves a bunch of ladies sitting around and reading books on their tablets. When one of them uses their Galaxy Tab Pro to watch a video on YouTube, the lady with the Kindle reacts saying that she can’t do that with her Kindle. Finally, Samsung points out how their Galaxy Tab Pro has a higher resolution than the iPad. Notice how she uses the word Retina.

To be honest, this ad is really funny, unlike Samsung’s other attempts at dissing Apple. What did you think of this ad?

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  • feee


  • Harry

    It’s stupid but kinda funny I think that the multitasking having two apps on screen is great and all but it’s over rated I would rarely use that feature and it would just confuse me having two things on the screen at once, I tried browsing the Internet and watching the iTunes festival on my mac but it didn’t work out and if I tried the same with my iPads but having them side by side (which I have tried) it just doesn’t work nicely.

  • Vinny

    samsung is so cocky with the little they have…. the one feature that actually i find partially useful is their multitasking, but honestly i’d hardly use it. The phase of full screen apps is to get as much junk off the screen as possible so you can focus on that one app. Dividing that space in to two parts, is really not that ideal. So yea, its a cool option for the few that might use it occasionally, but very stupid overall, and the fact that they use that as there jabbing point to apple, and microsft etc… pretty weak and pathetic. They desperate, and will uses any chance they get to try and make themselves look better even though they aren’t.

  • Cj

    Now when you make an advertisement like this, me having not used Samsung products, only Apple, this seems to insult me and not want to make me switch over to Samsung. Not a smart advertisement if you ask me, pretty much driving me away from their products.

  • Limadude

    I 100% agree. This isn’t the way to make people switch. Apple users feel insulted by this, and won’t switch. They need to take a different approach.

  • Joshua Jones Makaveli

    Jailbreak tweaks does all that before it was thought of.

  • Lake

    Why can’t my samsung galaxy tab 3 10.1 do that? Samsung… Make sure all your tablets can do this then talk to me…

  • Avnit

    Samsung’s products will always stay ugly and this advertisement is not enough to convince me to switch my iPad to to something like this. I have cydia, do you have that? Samsung sucks!!!

  • @sexyhamthing

    lol the retina thingie xD

  • Monoyahan

    Hey, I’m a Mac
    And I’m a PC

    It’s ignorant to believe none of us do it