RIM’s BlackBerry Playbook VS The Apple iPad!

If you have not yet heard about RIM’s new tablet called the BlackBerry Playbook, you are about to. It is no doubt that some of Apple’s biggest rivals are RIM (blackberry), Google and Microsoft. Apple has pretty much ran the tablet industry for the last year, with little to no competition. Is this about to change? RIM is upping their game and is going to be releases what they consider to be competition for the iPad. Will their tablet truly be better than the iPad? RIM thinks so…

And just to prove it, they have posted a video on their official YouTube channel displaying the BlackBerry Playbooks ability to render web pages (with flash content), faster than the iPad. Check out the video below…

When it comes down to it, RIM’s blackberry playbook truly out performed the iPad. But is this enough to get users to switch from an Apple iPad to a blackberry playbook? You decide!

P.S. We don’t think so.

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