Here Is Your Chance To Show Jony Ive How iOS 7 Should Have Looked With This iOS 7 Design Tool

Those that have bashed iOS 7 and think Apple could have done a better job in its redesign of its mobile operating system finally have a chance to show Jony Ive how wrong he was. Thanks to a new tool from Us vs Th3m you can actually re-design iOS 7. This includes the ability to customize its icons, background, font, corners and shadows.

The slogan of this tool is just great and reads “Every bloody designer on the planet has had a go, so you might as well try too.”¬†

I had a crack at re-designing iOS 7, but I decided I would leave it to Apple’s designers… I don’t think the world is ready for my version of iOS. What do you think?

Here Is Your Chance To Show Jony Ive How iOS 7 Should Have Looked With This iOS 7 Design Tool

On a serious note I don’t think iOS 7 is as bad as a lot of people are making it out to be. When it is released to the public this Fall I bet there will be a lot less people complaining about it. In fact, I think most people are actually going to love it.

If you re-designed iOS 7 share your creation in the comments.

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  • Benlego65

    I didn’t attempt to “redesign it”
    Instead, I just wish to take this chance to voice the fact that I thought it looked terrible and all but after a month of using it, it really grows on you. Once you ignore how terrible the icons look or the massive amounts of bugs that currently exist and just use the OS, it does work well and nicely. Sure, I think Apple could have added volume control/media control/orientation lock into the card-switcher multitasking thing, whatever one may call it, or in other ways at least utilized extra space but it is still nice.
    It doesn’t need to be redesigned too much at this point.
    They should leave it be.

  • Huge pile of sticks

    Sure is Apple buyer’s remorse/stockholm syndrome around here.