Pebble E-Paper Wrist Watch For iPhone And Android On Kickstarter

I stopped wearing a wrist watch shortly after I got my first cell phone. Pebble might be the watch that reclaims a spot on my wrist. Notification watches for cell phones have been available for years, but none have been fully compatible with both Android and iOS, and few alert watches have embraced homebrew development culture in the ways the Pebble promises. The black version of the watch is currently selling on Kickstarter for $115.

Pebble does not look like bulky last-gen smart watches; wearing one in public will not identify you as the captain of the chess club, which is good because it has an e-paper display that makes the watch readable outdoors, like a Kindle. Pebble communicates with your phone through bluetooth, which is how it picks up notifications (caller ID, email, Facebook, Twitter), and can also use this connection to download apps to the watch itself.

Its the apps that get me excited about the Pebble. It’s a rare kind of platform, like Arduino boards or the GP2X, that is intended to be let loose to hobbyist developers. The apps featured on the project’s Kickstarter page include music control, bike/running speedometers, and a golf rangefinder; but you know someone is bound to come up with novel and unexpected uses for the Pebble. It’s only a matter of time before someone cobbles together something wild like a tamogatchi emulator.

If you can think of a novel use for the Pebble platform, let us know in the comments section. Pebble is expected to ship September 2012.

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  • guest

    do you think there will be a way to enable the pebble to receive iphone texts with a jailbroken phone

  • Velo Kun

     It could, just be like rss feeding. Notifications from phone sent to the watch via bluetooth.