This Is What OS X 11 Could Look Like If It Were iOS 7-ified

It is no question that Apple continues to push iOS features to Mac such as Maps, Reminders and iBooks, but one thing that hasn’t made the jump from mobile is the minimalistic design that encompasses iOS 7.

So just what would iOS 7 look like on a Mac?


Well if you have ever asked yourself this question then you will be glad to know that designer Andrew Ambrosino has the answer. He has recently released a concept of OS X 11 that has been inspired by iOS 7.

It “includes some good flatness, translucent blurs, and overall streamlining,” Ambrosino said.


The OS X Mail app envisioned in this concept removes a lot of the heavy grey elements currently found in the UI and replaces it with more white space and transparency.


The notification center also is an improvement and rather than pushing your entire screen to the left and obstructing your view, it simply drops down in its transparent glory.

What do you think about this particular concept? Should OS X look more like iOS to keep the experience uniform? Or should each OS have its own unique design?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Farids

    I think the designer got a pretty good idea about where Apple is going. With the first few iOS models of 64 bit Ax CPU’s as a test platform, Apple is moving into unifying iOS and Mac OS into one super OS that runs All present Apple devices -such as all Mac and Mac Pro laptops and desktops, Mac Mini, servers, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod- as well as all the upcoming devices(Apple Television, smart watch, home command Center and automation, home media devices etc. ) and can use iCloud to sync data and running devices, applications and tasks. This way, Apple will become one architecture (and lifestyle) to buy in order to run and control everything. It’s soon going to be an Apple planet!!’

  • Dademira van Akooy

    Is there a theming app for Mac?? I love this… and want it.

  • therobnfw

    this looks awesome!!!

  • chauzzzz

    were did you design it?

  • Graham Smith

    Can anyone remember those fine words said in the talks with apple, keeping tablets and desktop separate, or as people forgotten that, considering windows just failed bring tablets to desktop, making one os for all, can’t see apple making that mistake after watching apple do it. i personally hate touch screen desktops, i hate finger marks on my screens.

    Also considering apple biggest market is web design, artist, musicians and film makers, what exact use will they gain over a touch screen, i don’t think any of em use em ever since they was first introduced many years ago with windows.
    Great concept but in the real world can’t see it implemented.
    What both microsft and apple need to do, is give you the choice on first setup, tablet/metro style desktop or old fansioned style but maybe slightly revamped.
    Keep it plain and simple