Twitter To Add Photo Filters; Will We See A ‘Twitter Camera’ App Soon?

It’s not official news from Twitter, but the New York Times’ Bits column reports that the feathery microblogging giant will be building its own photo filters in order to compete with Instagram. According to the rumor, the filters will be available within Twitter’s mobile apps, with the possibility of a video uploading/editing service further on to replace YouTube.

If the rumors pan out, Twitter may include in-app methods of making photos look vintage.

It’s not clear where the Times got word of Twitter’s photo filter app from, but they do mention a Twitter employee who told the paper that a photo filter would make very important tweeters “especially happy”, as they would be able to post their pictures directly on Twitter instead of relying on a third-party service like Instagram to host their vintage-style photos. (Didn’t we just report on a story about Skeuomorphism?)

While fulltime tweeters may appreciate a Twitter-centric filter app, I’m not convinced it will pull users away from Instagram in the long term. One of the benefits of Instagram is its support for multiple services at a touch, so I can share to Facebook, Twitter, email, Tumblr, Flickr and Foursquare in addition to it’s built-in network. That flexibility is the reason why I continue to use Instagram over its single network but technically-superior sister app, Facebook Camera.

Will Twitter take a page from Zuckerberg’s ‘book?

Would you use a Twitter-centric photo filter app, or would you continue to use third-party services like instagram. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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