Brand New Apple TV Could Be Unveiled As Early As April

It’s been some time since we have heard rumors of Apple’s next-generation Apple TV, but according to a recent report from Bloomberg the company is working on a new Apple TV that’ll debut later this year. Apparently Apple is in talks with cable provider Time Warner Cable and other partners to provide content for the product.

So just what is going to be new about the next-generation Apple TV?


According to sources familiar with the matter it will mirror current models with a set-top box form factor that’ll plug into a HDTV. There will be a faster processor and a new UI which will make it easier to browse through content.

It has also been predicted that it could function more like a Roku box in the fact that it would piggyback on top of existing cable service and provide a solution for customers to watch cable TV in rooms that don’t have a set-top box.

There could even be some sort of premium service to allow ad-skipping or even a bundle that would allow you to watch TV through iTunes content.

Who knows maybe Apple will finally release an App Store as well.

It is expected that Apple will unveil the device in April, but it won’t actually go on sale until the Holiday Season.

What do you want to see in the next-generation Apple TV? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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  • Jonathan

    I would so like to see:
    An iOS 7 inspired UI
    An Appstore
    No problems like the 3rd gen with Airplay issues
    White/black case options
    Download Movies and Shows for offline view (pardon me if you already can..)
    Customization in the background, like animations or weather. Yeah, you can do that with jailbreak..
    Yeah, I think that’s it..

  • grc

    Put the iPhone 5S processor in it, a bit more RAM and make it into a game console. Use iPhones/ iPods as controllers.

  • macaddict

    Or a real Apple television!

  • cobxlt

    you’re a genius.

  • cobxlt

    Use your iPhone as TV Remotes via Bluetooth!