Minecraft: Simple Yet Amazing [VIDEO]

If any of you Mac and PC gamers that have been trying to find a game other than another First Person Shooter? Minecraft may be for you. Minecraft is a sandbox building game currently in development by Markus Persson, also known as “Notch”. It was conceived as a clone of the game Infiniminer, although Persson wants the gameplay to be more similar to that of Dwarf Fortress. The game is written in Java, using the LWJGL game library. Minecraft is a paid game and is available on PC, Mac, and the Linux platform. With hundreds of possibilities to play the game, there is just no end.

Minecraft includes a Single Player as well as a Multiplayer where you and your friends can set up a server and play CO-OP. There is also many other large servers that are 24/7 that allow you to play if you join their community and abide by their rules. To see some amazing Minecraft creations, just YouTube “Amazing Minecraft Creations” and you are bound to get some pretty amazing structures and art.

Here are some fan made trailers…

There have also been millions upon millions uploaded “Let’s Play Minecraft”

  • JX23 Let’s PLay
  • NoGamesForYoungMen

The Minecraft Forums are also chuck full of over hundreds and hundreds of Modifications to make Minecraft more personal and fun. So what you waiting for?

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