• mmm

    apple to sue microsoft??

    everything with letters is apple copyright???


  • http://twitter.com/redevil1987 Damian W

    hmmm dont think they really try to copy.

  • HidariMak

    Different (although similar in some ways) font, with a different color scheme to the font, accompanied by a non-similar logo which was changed to a different logo which is still dissimilar to any logo Apple has ever had.

    If I were a bit more ambitious, I’d be looking for any magazine or website which predates Apple, which used a similar font, to make the same “point” against Apple. But that would be stupid.

  • you’re a douchebag

    think you’re chatting some shit, even though i prefer apple

  • http://www.facebook.com/mario.fernandezpayro Mario Fernández Payró

    they are not trying to copy anyone, the are making the squares more metro fell and they used the segoe font that they created. it all goes in hand with its new aesthetics

  • Shigllgecha

    this article is just pathetic

  • Jaden

    It’s meant to be taken humorously, not seriously :P

  • berock212

    Yes if you change the colour, font, words, and add a logo, then Microsoft did copy apple. Are they serious. That’s like using Photoshop so to make my face look like your face then claiming I copied the design of your face.