iJailbreak Is Giving Away Nearly $1,500 Worth Of ZAGG Accessories [Enter Now]

Our friends over at ZAGG have recently been in contact with us to run nearly a $1,500 ZAGG giveaway. This means we will be hooking up 20 lucky people with either a ZAGGsparq, ZAGGfolio, InvisibleSHIELD or Vertex iFrogz headphones. These are some amazing accessories for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and will surely set you up for a Summer full of fun with your iOS device or other gadget(s).


More than a simple extended battery, ZAGGsparq 2.0 fits easily in a pocket or bag, the perfect size for travelers and business people, and carries multiple charges for any personal electronic device with you – including four full recharges for most power-hungry smart phones.





Created with a stylish design and a durable microfiber lining, the ZAGGfolio is an impressively thin multi-function iPad keyboard case for Apple® iPad® 3. The folio is complete with a removable Bluetooth keyboard and a built-in stand system, ideal for on-the-go use.





The precision pre-cut invisibleSHIELD applies directly to your smartphone or tablet, providing the best, most durable protection you will find. This screen protector has its origins in the military, where it was used to protect high-speed helicopter blades from dust, dirt and debris.



iFrogz Vertex Headphones

Vertex iFrogz Headphones

In physics, a Vertex is where particles collide. In this case, precision, function, style, and sound all collided to create iFrogz‘s Vertex Headphones. Designed with our famously comfortable AeroFoam ear cushions, Vertex headphones are lightweight, foldable, and ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.

Now that you know a little bit about the ZAGG products we are giving away let’s get into how you can win one some of this gear for yourself! In order to enter the iJailbreak.com ZAGG giveaway you must do the following:

  • Send out the following tweet below, and follow @iJailbreak on Twitter

I just entered to win nearly $1,500 of ZAGG accessories! http://bit.ly/KN6U5s Follow @iJailbreak and RT to WIN!

  • Retweet this post (click here), follow @iJailbreak on Twitter and “Like” iJailbreak.com on Facebook
  • Complete the requirements above and +1 us on Google

IMPORTANT: Once you have completed the actions specified above, let us know why you should win one of the accessories mentioned previously in the comments section below INCLUDING the accounts you used to retweet, follow and like iJailbreak; as well as what device you plan to use the chosen accessory with.

This giveaway by iJailbreak.com will only last one week! After the week is over we will create another post announcing the winners (this will happen next Tuesday), and contact them individually for shipping details. Good luck everyone!

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  • RyanStOnge

    I think I deserve to win because I am always purchasing accessories and it would be nice to win something for once.

    Socials:@ Rsto95 (Twitter)
    Ryan St. Onge (Facebook)
    Ryan St. Onge (Google Plus)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=643834131 David Margolin

    I think I deserve to win because I have been entering Zagg giveaways for a while now and I have spent a lot of time on them and I have yet too win…

    Twitter- @DavidMargolin1:twitter 
    Facebook – David Margolin
    Google+ – David Margolin
    email – trickedoutdavid@gmail.com

  • http://twitter.com/mstry001 Viral Mistry

    Twitter @mstry001:twitter 
    Facebook Viral Mistry
    I Deserve to win because i always wanted to own one zagg accessory and i don’t have one!

  • santigaray

    I’m always looking for somewhere to plug in my iPhone, whether at work or at the mall or at a meeting my iPhone is constantly running out of battery. I always leave my house with a fully charged phone but I’m such a heavy user that it’s never enough. I’m tired of carrying my charger around and I’ve been looking for a portable charger for a while now, if I could get the ZAGGSparq that would be perfect! I’m santigaray on Twitter, Santiago Garay on both Fb and G+!

  • andy tandy

    I would greatly appreciate the zaggsparq because my iphone dies even though i charge it. I use it to check email and work with it a lot. 
    Twitter:     Azntwinz
    Google +: Azntwinz
    Facebook: Andrew Pho

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1256014963 Tomas Ontkoc

    Socials:@ Ontkoc (Twitter)
    Ontkoc Tomas (Facebook)
    Ing Ontkoc Tomas (Google Plus)

  • Mobbile997uk

    I never win anything so i might aswell have a shot at this.
    (I always followed iJailbreak)
    Twitter: Cosmokiv
    Facebook: Mateusz Kudera
    Google+ : Mateusz Kudera

  • http://twitter.com/gamesms Bachir Darra

    i just bought an iPhone 4S yesterday and its gonna be extremely incredible with those stuff on it! hope i can win <3

    Google+: Bachir Darra
    Twitter: gamesms

  • Soumathecute

    I like to win something that helps me in my life
    Facebook :soumathecute@hotmail.com
    Twitter.: @soumathecute.
    Google+ soumathecute@gmail.com

  • Rajan

    Hey guys,  Well, I’m always looking for somewhere to plug in my iPhone, whether at work or at the mall or at a meeting my iPhone is constantly running out of battery so I could definetly use this. I always leave my house with a fully charged phone but dies very quickly. Also haven’t one anything (including the last giveaway on iJailbreak) so that would be awesome!

    Google + and facebook :rajang97@gmail.com
    and twitter: rajan_singh

  • Brunz

    Winning this will help me get more relief every time a friend touches my iphone !!

    Facebook: Bruno Miguel Gomes
    Twitter: @Brunz_oO:twitter 
    Google+:Bruno Gomes
    Device: Iphone 4s

  • http://twitter.com/mikegorman70 mike gorman

    I have been a friend for awhile and follow you guys daily!  I should win cause i am going to give it to my daughter at collage.  
    Facebook:mike gorman
    Google+:Mike Gorman    
    Device’s: ipad2,iphone 3gs,ipad3

  • http://www.facebook.com/R06y4R1l7 Robert Ubaka

    Winning this will help me a lot, because I work long hours and my Iphone 4 battery dies fast.. so the ZAGGSparq would be great , I listen to a lot of music on the train so the Vertex iFrogz Headphones would be wonderful and most importantly I can’t affoard most of the item at the moment. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Twitter: @High_Note_Rob:twitter 

    Facebook: @Robert:disqus  UbakaGoogle+ :  @Robert Ubaka

  • Mouhammed

    I really need the zaggsparq as my iPhone’s battery runs out of charge and having comfortable ifrogz would be awesome but the most important reason that this kind of products is not sold here in Egypt .
    Facebook:m_h_1121@yahoo.com (Mouhammed ali)
    Google+:m_h_1121@yahoo.com (Mouhammed ali)

  • Mouhammed

    My device is iPhone 3gs

  • Arshan Bakshi

    I haven’t actually won anything from a competition like yours, so I will be very happy  to win any one of these accessories! Also, my headphones are a little worn out, and I can’t convince my dad to buy me new ones! I also visit you guys’ sites regularly! 
    Twitter : arshan_roxx
    Facebook : Arshan Bakshi
    Google+ : Arshan Bakshi
    P.S. : I have an iPod Touch 8GB 4G

  • Mustafaaqil175

    I am 14 and I really want the zaggfolio cover , because my parents bought me the iPad 3 for $650 and before that they bought me the galaxy nexus $400 , now they will not buy me anything ( gadget or accessory ) for like 6-8 months but I seriously need a case , so it will be really helpful of you guys , also I have supported your website for about 6 months and I visit it daily .
    Twitter – @Mushbee101
    Facebook – Mustafa Aqil
    Google+ – Mustafa Aqil
    On twitter and Facebook , I was already following you and liked you sometime ago
    But now I have +up you on google plus .
    Devices – iPad (3rd gen ) 32gb wifi , unlocked galaxy nexus.

  • Frank

    I want to win the iFrogz headphones because my sister blares that ‘One Direction’ shit from her room 24/7.  Some peace and quiet would definitely be a godsend.

    Twitter – @frankluchesic:twitter 
    Facebook – Frank Luchesic
    Device – iPhone 4

  • Roney

    I should win ZAGGfolio so that i can use it with my iPad 2 and help/respond/comment faster on iJailbreak (facebook & site) as the touch keyboard isnt that much fun.
    Twitter -@ronaksworld:twitter
    Facebook – ronaksworld
    Google+ – ronaksworld

    been on facebook ijailbreak fan ages ago also responded alot of queries and gave suggestions/feedback on various tweaks which were helpful for many people.

  • Seahawk92

    I would like to win these, because in college I can type easier and can go to multiple courses without the battery die.ZAGGSparqZAGGfolio

    twitter: seahawk92
    Facebook: Ádám Váradi
    Google +: Ádám Váradi

  • David joelson

    I Should win ‘Vertex ifrogz headphones’ because I love music , it’s helps me a lot when things go bad for me , and I don’t have good quality headphones , it would mean to me a lot to get a pear from this contest .

    Twitter: Djpro2012
    Facebook: David Joelson
    Google+: David Joelson
    Deviceto use with: iPhone4, iPad 3g, iPod 4g.

  • Terence Huijgen

    The reason that I want to win is very simple. All my roommates got great iPhone or IPad accessories and I don’t have enough money to buy them =O There always bullying me by saying that it’s really cool to have that amount of nice accessories. Please IJailbreak I’m really jealous.. Let me win this competition =D So I can be happy with my stuff too :)

    Twitter: @TerenceHuijgen

  • Jexter Tuazon

    I really want that iFrogz Vertex Headphones. It’s both beautiful and amazing.
    I think it’s much more better than the Beats by Dr. Dre.
    I want to be the one of the 20 luckiest person to win on that contest. Pleaaasseee!!
    I am using an iPhone 4 16 gb.
    Twitter: @jextertuazon
    Facebook: Jexter Tuazon
    Google+: Jexter Tuazon

  • Abhishek Dhiman

    I really want to win the invisibleSHIELD as it provides more protection to the screen of the iPhone and it protects the screen from scratches caused due to the key chains when the keys and iPhone are in the same pocket.. The main reason to win this is that I have searched a lot in India to get invisibleSHIELD but I was not able to get one and this is my chance to get one..

    I am using iPhone 4 (16 GB)

    Twitter: @BlackTrminatr
    Facebook: Black Trminatr
    Google+: Abhishek Dhiman

    I want invisibleSHIELD…

  • Dsump291

    I don’t deserve to have any of these any more than the next person but I would use the Zagg Sparq every day while at work.  When I’m in the field I could always use an extra boost.

  • http://profiles.google.com/bennydanny Benjamim Daniel

    The reason for me to win? All the reasons bellow… and also, because I need to protect my iPad 2… That’s the only piece of mobile technology that I have (I don’t have a smart phone and neither a laptop or a mp3 player… just a old desktop computer). If this reasons aren’t enough, you can see also the reasons above this comment. (P.S.: ZAGGfolio will look awesome on my iPad 2)

    twitter: BennyDanny
    Facebook: benny.danny
    Google +: Benjamim Daniel

  • Sondo8

    I love iphone and everything about iphone.  If I had awesome accessories, I can show off how awesome my iphone is.

  • http://twitter.com/lilanthony15 Hugue Chris Joseph

    I’ve been on the scene since the 2nd iPod Touch, i’ve been following the JB’s community and to me it’s the reason why I can say iDevices are the best since (after a jailbreak) you can make it your EVERYTHING, EVERYDAY phone. But battery has been a problem although I always carry my charger around, it would be nice to have the ZAGGsparq. With this i can improve my phone’s battery life, and keep showing the world why jailbreaking is the way to go!

    twitter: @lilanthony15:twitter 
    facebook: Hugue Chris Joseph
    google: Hugue Joseph

  • Bryan Junyi

    Life’s harsh, battery life jz ain’t long enough for our daily lifes, but with Zaggsparq, I can live my life with the latest news and info without having to worry about my I devices batteries life, Zaggsparq is my friendly companion :) I will totally need it for my iPhone and iPad :)

    Twitter : @BryanJunyi
    Facebook : Bryan Junyi
    Google+ : Bryan Junyi

  • http://twitter.com/igurlct Courtney Pollack

    Love Zagg and their accessories!  Many try, but none come close to the quality of their products.  My iFamily, MBP, iPhone, iPad, and iPod all will benefit from the Zagg lineup!
    Tweeted igurlct
    FB whysoserious
    1+ courtneycadxp
    Thanks iJailbreak!

  • Groverg

    I have never ever been to any giveaways, so I will be very happy  to win any one of these accessories! Vertex headphones coz they are so cool…and Invisishield for Ipad 2 as mine got scratched :( I also visit you guys’ sites regularly! 
    Twitter : @felsandricFacebook : garygrover@live.com1+ courtneycadxp
    +1 : .Gary : justbetweenus16@gmail.com

  • lagrz

    zagg makes hands down the best apple accessories i know of.  would love trying out the zagg folio on my ipad and definitely would like a shield for my iphone.

    twitter @lagrz
    fb roberto ricardo
    google + roberto ricardo

  • http://www.facebook.com/teh.kayd Kris Duckworth

    @_kayd_:disqus  Facebook Kris D g+ Kris D.  i have been in the market for a super charger for my devices.  The ZAGGSparq is Ideal but at a heavy pricetag.  Ideal for both my ipad and iphone simaltaneous charges

  • Lewis Painter

    Twitter @LewisPainter
    Facebook: Lewis ‘Lp’ Painter
    Google: Lewis Painter

    I’d love to win the accessories as Ive seen that ZAG is an amazing brand that we don’t really have access to in the uk! i’d use it on my iPhone or iPad :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000167626649 Conor Daly

    Twitter:  @ConorPDaly:disqus
    Facebook: Conor Daly
    Google: Conor Daly

    I would LOVE to win any accessory whatsoever for my iphone 4s because i only got it a month ago, and i find that the apple headphones lose their sound quality too fast compared to many high end headphones. I really want a good pair because i am only 16 and i cannot afford any good headphones on my allowance :P I spent the last three years saving up for an iPhone? :P

  • Nat Paquin

    twitter @thecatz33
    facebook Nat Paquin
    Google Natalie Paquin

    I think they all look like great products and I’ve never had a chance to try Zagg products, since they’re all pretty much of my price range unfortunately :-( the ZaggSpark would be really useful since I use my Ipad 2 a lot at work (Ipad was an xmas gift) and find myself rationing battery power to make it through the day. the ZaggFolio would be very handy since I do lots of word documents and spreadsheets on my ipad. the iFrogz I’ve always wanted to try, but again a little out of my price range :-( I just have cheap headphones now… Ive heard nothing but good things about Zagg and I’d LOVE to be able to try out someof their products!

  • http://twitter.com/theBBdr theBBdr

    twitter: @theBBdr:twitter 
    Facebook: Brett John
    Google+: Brett John

    As a tech junkie and someone who works in the wireless industry, I could certainly make use of any/all of these products. I’m already a big supporter of Zagg and regularly recommend their stuff. I would gladly take anything free from them!

  • Stevenbz9

    Twitter: @stevenbz9
    Facebook: Steven Bhargava
    Google +: Steven Kumar

    I recently purchased my new iPad and I am a technology fanatic. I constantly visit your website on a daily basis for jailbreak/apple updates. I would be so thrilled if I actually won this for my new iPad and iPhone! Thanks and stay awesome!

  • http://www.facebook.com/victor.ogunfunmi Ayo Victor Ogunfunmi


    Facebook: Ayo V. Ogunfunmi

    Google Plus: Ayo Ogunfunmi

    I have the ancient grandfather of all iDevices. the iPhone 3GS. I am really into the ZAGG’s TECH but i dont have the money. Thanks you guys. 

  • http://twitter.com/The1onewolf Placeholder

    Twitter: @the1onewolf:disqus 
    Facebook: Jeffrey Feng
    Google Plus: Fauapppro

    Who doesn’t like free stuff to make your smartphone more useful in daily life >:D

  • Nattastrophe

    Twitter: @nattastrophe:twitter
    Facebook: Natt Supab
    Google Plus: Natt Supab

    I love this site, and would also love to use the ZAGGSparq or invisibleSHIELD with my iPhone 4 – jailbroken, of course! Thanks, guys, for maintaining an awesome site and offering this giveaway! :)

  • http://twitter.com/foxbristol foxbristol

    Twitter: @foxbristol:twitter  
    Facebook: Henry Chou
    Google Plus: Henry Chou
    I love ZAGG products and I’m using an iPad!

  • Vieui

    Twitter: @Vieui:twitter 
    Facebook: Paz Aaron
    Google Plus: Paz Aaron
    This site is my daily dose of news for gadgets and latest updates. Currently, Im using Zagg’s Invisible Shield for my phone and it definitely lives up to my expectations, awesome stuff. All these giveaways are really an eye candy for me but Im really interested on this ZAGGsparq. Since Im always out of the house, this item would make me not to worry about my gadgets battery life anymore. Cheers!  

  • Grod

    Twitter: GustRod
    Facebook: Gustavo Rodriguez ValienteGoogle+: Gustavo Rodriguez
    This site keeps me well informed on the latest news. I would use Zagg on my New Ipad and my Iphone 4.

  • Jelowerks

    Twitter: jelowerks
    Facebook: Julius Angelo Cuenca
    Google+ : Jelowerks

    I should win a ZAGGSparq for my iphone 4s in order for me to be able to always logon to to your site with no problems and make sure that I am upto date with the latest jailbreak news and what’s up with the latest gadgets that will be released sooner or later and doing all those things would require my iphone 4s a lot of battery consumption so I am sure a ZAGGSparq would come in handy once you guys give me one for that is :) 

    More power ijailbreak team :)

  • OriDahan

    Twitter: @oridahan:disqus 
    Facebook: Ori Dahan
    Google+: ori.dahan6

    I should win a ZAGGfolio for my New iPad because i’m a good guy.


  • Joe Wood

    Twitter: @techzero:twitter 
    Facebook: Joe Wood
    Google+: Joe Wood
    Well, ZAGG products protect your iDevice like a squirrel protects it’s last nut… and since my brand new iPad 3 is currently without a case, I could really do with a squirrel now! By the way, great site, love hearing about all the tech news!

  • Joe Wood

    Twitter: @techzero:twitter 
    Facebook: Joe Wood
    Google+: Joe Wood
    Well, ZAGG products protect your iDevice like a squirrel protects it’s last nut… and since my brand new iPad 3 is currently without a case, I could really do with a squirrel now! By the way, great site, love hearing about all the tech news!

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.donascimentoguareschi William Do Nascimento Guaresch

    Twitter: wguareschiFacebook: William Do Nascimento GuareschiGoogle+: William Do Nascimento Guareschi

    I should win a Vertex iFrogz to use with my new Iphone 4s so I wont expend my money with such great headphones. 

  • http://twitter.com/AsrulAfwan Asrul Afwan

    Twitter: Asrul Afwan
    Facebook: Asrul Afwan Abdullah
    Google+: Asrul Afwan
    ZAGG open an opportunity so that I could win one of the headphones because I’m a music junkie and always listen musics on my iPhone 4s.  

  • http://twitter.com/DevYamraj Devindra Yamraj

    Twitter: @DevYamraj:disqus 
    Facebook: Devindra Yamraj
    Google+: Devin Yamraj
    I feel i should win the Vertex iFrogz Headphones because all I have are the Apple Earphones, and I would like to have a much better sound quality set of headphones.

  • Tayler B Frausto

    Facebook: Tayler Frausto
    Google+:Tayler Frausto

    I really wanna win because i would i would love to have all that stuff and I’m a good person…when ever i see a homeless person on the street i always look to see if i have money…so u would love to have that stuff…please!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/caleb4992 Caleb Lanclos

    I have an iphone 4S and I’d love to win a sparq or vertex headphones.
    Facebook: Caleb Lanclos
    Google+: Caleb Lanclos

  • http://www.facebook.com/AnthonyGilera Anthony Gilera

    I have an iPhone 4S and I would love to win the Vertex iFrogz Headphone. I wish i would win something for once lol
    Twitter : @anthonygilera:twitter 
    Facebook : Anthony Gilera
    Google+ : Anthony Gilera

  • Yash Sodha Rajesh

    Facebook- yashsodha
    I have an iphone 4 and i want to win one of the prizes. I would prefer ZAGGSparq because the battery of my iphone drains very fast.

  • Esuren2008

    Facebook- esuren2008
    I have an iphone 4s and i want to win one of the prizes.i wanna win ZAGGSparq because i run of my battery fast.

  • http://www.facebook.com/xocnayr Ryan Cox

    you really dont want the zaggsparq    it sucks … ive sent 2 back and am now getting a refund  its not as advertised for ipad  …. and  you cant even charge while its plugged in

  • http://twitter.com/drom3 Drom Dychar

    i could really use iFrogz headphones as i dont have a headphones for my iphone 4s.
    Thanks in advance. :p

    Twitter – @drom3:disqus
    Facebook – Drom Dychar
    Google+ – Drom Dychar

  • jAdo0

    Because i entered the competition…
    Twitter – @dArkPiiNcE
    Facebook – Moazzam Mukhtar
    Google+ – Moazzam Mukhtar
    Vertex iFrogz Headphones

  • Deep

    I want to win ZAGGSparq because I travel a lot and play too much game on it so,if i could have this baby I will able to do more with it
    Twitter:- @ipad24k
    Facebook: Deep Patel
    Device:- iPhone 4s

  • Bradley1a1shore

    i wanna win the ifrogs headphones becuase i would greatly apprieciate them and ..

  • MaryWithrowNC

    Love to win the Headphones!

  • Digitalfeind

    Zaggfolio for my iPad 2 to help type while taking notes for my college classes.

    Twitter – digitalfeind

  • http://twitter.com/keewlajz Vašek

    I want to win Vertex iFrogz Headphones, because my headphones are really bad and these are superb, but i can’t get it in Czech Republic.

    twitter: keewlajz
    G+: Václav Mlynář
    Facebook: Václav Mlynář

  • http://twitter.com/4NE3Q Aneeq Naqvi

    Twitter – @4NE3Q
    Facebook – Anik Naqvi
    Google+ – Aneeq Naqvi
    I have an iphone 4s and I want to win one of the prizes.I want to win ZAGGSparq because I run of my battery fast.

  • Sammantha Lindgren

    I would love a sexy pair of the Vertix iFrogz Headphones because working to music in my office is a must!

    Twitter – @SammLindgren:twitter 
    Google +/Facebook – Sammantha Lindgren
    Device – iphone 4S 32 GB

  • BOBJ

    I would  like a pair of headphones or the battery.
    Twitter – @bobbobjonejone:disqus 
    Facebook – Bob Jones
    G+ – jvolzer1
    Devices – Asus transformer Prime, Samsung Exhibit, iTouch 4

  • BOBJ

    I also travel a lot and would like some good headphones for the plane.

  • Supernam

    I would love to have invisibleSHIELD and Vertex iFrogz Headphones because i want to move around protected and a with music.

    Twitter – @sup3rn4m
    Facebook – Muhammad LuqmanDevice – iPhone 4S 32GB


  • http://twitter.com/azntwinz Andy Truong

    I would like to win zaggsparq because my battery does not last long enough for me or any prizes would be fine because i constantly check your website for the most info about jailbreaking. Keep up the good work. 
    Google +: Tandy09@gmail.com
    Facebook: Andy Truong
    Twitter: @azntwinz:twitter  

  • http://twitter.com/azntwinz Andy Truong

    I have an Iphone 4(Below)

  • Bernie98

    I want to win the ZAGGSparq because i need an extra battery so hard :D
    Twitter- @bernieLOL:twitter 
    Facebook- Bernhard Kemper
    Google + – bernie98@live.de
    Device- iPhone 4s, iPad 3 and iPod Touch 4g

  • Kelio

    Twitter-  @rramirez213:twitter 
    Facebook- Rogelio Kelio Ramirez
    Google + Rogelio Ramirez
    Device- iPod touch 4gI would love to win a pair of Vertex iFrogz Headphones because I’m a real music freak and I tend to buy new earphones to get a new sound every time. Winning these will make my collection bigger and possibly better. I hope I  get these because they look so styleish. :)

  • mackman6151

    I want to win the zagg folio because I do back end web development and using mobile terminal and putty clients with a keyboard would be amazing.

    Twitter – @mackman6151:twitter
    Facebook – Yossi Meckler
    Google + – Joseph Meckler

  • Rob Law

    I should win the Zagg accessory pack because I have all the gadgets needed to make full use of all of them! On a regular day I carry around 3 phones: my iPhone 4S, lumia 900, and an HTC One X because I can’t decide which one I love more! When i’m at home I’m on my MacBook pro and iPad 3 so I need a lot of juice all the time! Zagg screen covers have always web my facility since they stand up so well and if they don’t Zagg will stand behind them. Please Choose Me

    Twitter: flobbie1
    Facebook: Rob Law
    Google+: flobbie1@gmail.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001505768429 Jack Jacobs

    I want to win the ZAGGSparq because the battery life under ios6 will be shit
    Twitter –  JackwjacobsFacebook – /Jacojac1Device – iPad 2

  • Marquita

    Google +1: Kitashanee
    Facebook: Marquita Davis
    Twitterl KitaShanee
    I have and iPhone 4, an iPad 1st Gen., iPod touch and a MacBook Pro

    I woud love to have any of the prizes but i need most the invisibleSHIELD  or the Zaggsparq. My iPhone is always in my hand and i am always using it until it dies, so the extended battery life would be awesome. the SHIELD would be great because the SHIELD i have on my phone is falling off.  I will make full use of any prize should i be chosen.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/balazs182089 balazs182089

    I should win the ZAGGsparq or the invisibleSHIELD because I wold use it evry day and if someone asks me where did I get it I could be proud and say: It’s from @iJailbreak:twitter !
    My twitter: @balazs182089:twitter 

  • Aram Miquel Mateu

    I Want to win the ZAGGFolio because i want to do great stuff and projects with my iPad2, and i want to read in a better way this awsome page. Thanks!

    Twitter – @aramusss:twitter 
    Facebook – Aram Miquel Mateu
    Device – iPad 2/iPhone 4

  • babybaby95

    I want to win that Vertex iFrogz Headphones because I love it! It is such a cool headphones!

    Twitter: @LimJunWei95:twitter 
    Facebook: LimJunWei.BabyBaby
    Device: iPhone 4 GSM

    Thank you for this giveaway contest!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dschaff3 David Schaff

    I want to win anything because I’m AWESOME.

    Twitter – @btragic672:disqus 
    Facebook – DSCHAFF3
    Google – DSCHAFF4269

    iPhone 4s

  • Jason

    I want a 
    ZAGGSparq because my iPhone 4 battery dies in less than a day of classes a day, and i need to call to get home from university which is an hour away.  It would be great to have an external power source to charge up so I can save my quarters and get home safe and sound

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    Twitter and Google+ – xJJWONGx

  • Mike P

    I need to win because winning from iJailbreak is the coolest!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=511634631 Justin Cockerham

    The headphones would come in handy when walking or for my laptop when I want to tune everything out. The headphones would be used for mac, iPad, and iPhone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leah.katz.10 Leah Katz

    i would like to win all,we have no money,leahkatz54@yahoo.com,thank you