Mass Outbreak Of iOS Concepts Show How Much Apple’s Mobile Operating System Is Lacking

We have been seeing a lot of concepts for how iOS can be improved lately and to be honest, I am loving it. It gives me a break from reporting on rumors that will likely never come true and analysts opinions on future products. I actually think the increase of iOS app concepts we keep seeing however, is an important sign and wakeup call for Apple. For the past 5 years or so, iOS has remained mostly untouched in terms of radical new functionality. I think Apple needs to realize that people want things like toggles and widget-like elements implemented natively, something that Android has had for a long time that actually makes me slightly envious.

Sure Jailbreaking allows you to add this functionality, but with the current state of Jailbreaking, I have my doubts it will be as consistent as it has been in the past moving onwards through iOS 6. Today we indeed have another concept that is worth checking out that essentially adds toggles to the lockscreen in a very native way.


Essentially the concept works how the Notification Center does in a fullscreen application. You pull down a small tab and this reveals four toggles. In an ideal world these toggles would be customizable with an option to add them to the notification center as well. In my opinion even if Apple allowed for widgets in the lockscreen, Notification Center and multitasking tray, this would satisfy users outcry for innovation… heck they could even be pre-made. Are you listening Apple?

If you could add some functionality on top of iOS right now what would it be? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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  • Andrea

    Number one reason i Jailbreak is SBSettings. If i have to choose something it would be toggles to reach functionalities that i would otherwise go around in different menus to turn on or off.

  • Batman

    Ya my droid has toggles in the notification center, not sure why apple wont do it. SBSsettings is the best option for now.

  • Johannes Mertens

    I don’t think apple can ignore us for another iOS Release, so i hope iOS 7 will bring some major changes and overhauls.

  • Alu Zeros

    like this concept, apple needs to bring actual toggles somewhere

  • Chill843

    Also, and way to kill all background apps at once as well as the current method.

  • Chill843

    I would further integrate Facebook and twitter in the notification center by eliminating the tap and post buttons and adding a fully functional timeline for each social network. Once you pull down the notification tray, you can swipe left or right and turn to either time line.

  • Sergio Fernandez Fernandez

    Apple is stuck in design of iOS and the iphone

  • DJMashup

    F that, they should do away with both and let people just install if they want. Facebook is utter shit and is a major privacy issue, Twitter on the other hand is for saddos stalking so called “celebrities” !!

    The toggles, themes etc should all be implemented but hey this is just my opinion and you are just as entitled to yours. I personally would like to see them allow devs to make 3rd party launchers like available on Android. That would allow us to completely change our homescreens, icons, labels etc with ease and no need to jailbreak.

  • DJMashup

    I’m with ya, I have QuickSettings on my custom rom for my Xperia Ray but can you imagine Apple allowing devs to make launchers and stuff … Go Launcher running on my iPhone and I wouldn’t need to jailbreak.

  • Chill843

    Maybe true, can’t knock anybody’s opinion. But if their going to do it,(and its already done) then they Should continue to evolve and update to make the experience better with all aspects of the operating system. So while you may disagree with this particular advancement, you can’t deny the over all point.

  • Mounir Toumi

    Finally, a grown up discussion :) . I like the way you two respect each other’s opinion

  • Abi Manyu

    no worries, no more forstall, ive will make it way better.

  • Da_tech_man

    It needs to be more like Android more free and open like all the abilities you have to customize also different apps in the app store as apposed to different versions of the same thing