Watch The New Macbook Touch Concept Video Now!

Thanks to a commenter on 9to5Mac, a brand new concept video was discovered on a new version of the Macbook, dubbed Macbook Touch. In this video we are presented with a Macbook featuring a 360-degree hinge and an interactive touchscreen. What this video reminds me of essentially is an iPad with one of the ZAGGfolio cases on it, but obviously integrated into one unit. The idea of the Macbook Touch is by far extraordinary, however, I do not see Apple going towards this sort of idea for their Macbook line because it is too similar to the iPad.

Well, enough rambling, go check out the Macbook Touch concept video by watching the embedded video below…

What are your thoughts on the Macbook Touch? Share your replies in the comments section below…

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  • vinnymallen

    this is sooooo dope!