Mac OS X 10.10 Could Carry The Name ‘Yosemite’

So far, we’ve known that Apple is referring to OS X 10.10 internally as Syrah. Now, a new banner being put up at Moscone Center for WWDC 2014 may have just revealed the name for Apple’s next OS X version. Mac OS X 10.10 could be named ‘Yosemite’ or ‘El Cap.’

os x 10.10-wwdc14

The above image, courtesy of The Verge, is clearly of OS X 10.10. The large X with the El Capitan formation at Yosemite National Park in the background could be the first time Apple has revealed any details as to what OS X 10.10 could be called.

Apple has secured trademarks for the names Yosemite and El Cap, so it could be any of those two as the background suggests. OS X 10.10 is supposed to be a major makeover, which could include iOS 7 influenced design elements.

WWDC 2014 kicks off on Monday, with major announcements including iOS 8 and OS X 10.10.

What do you think Apple will call OS X 10.10? Yosemite or El Cap?

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