Liquipel Will Make Your iPhone Completely Waterproof Without A Case

Waterproof is a term that is tossed around but rarely is a device or object truly waterproof. Some are water resistant which have a limit on depth and duration of water exposure. If you are like others you have a case on your Apple iPhone, which are great, but they do bulk up the thin smartphone. Well there is a new company called Liquipel which claim they have a process which can turn your iPhone into a truly waterproof device without using any sort of case.

The picture above which was snapped by TUAW clearly shows an iPhone (without a case) within a cylinder of water displaying a photo without any sort of problems. Now I am guessing many of you may think that is just clever marketing, well I have something else for you then. Below is a video demonstration of the power and use of Liquipel coating on an iPhone 4S.

Now completely submerging a phone while it is playing back both video and audio is quite the feat to fake. This coating does look very promising, especially for those who are not the most careful people with their devices as you may never know when your device will be going for a swim. One of the downsides of Liquipel is the process of coating it. It is not just a coating you can buy and apply yourself like a ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD, but you have to actually send your device to Liquipel (which is in Santa Ana, California.) Once received the process then takes anywhere from 1 to 2 days to complete, and then it is returned. Not having a phone for a few hours can be horrible for some people let alone couple days.

The overall cost of the coating is actually quite inexpensive considering the technology is harnesses. The whole process will cost you $59. Liquipel has big plans for the future, hoping that instead of having to apply the coating after purchase, manufacturers will incorporate the coating into the production process, so your phone will be waterproof right out of the box.

Tell us your thoughts about this coating or if you have ever lost something due to water damage in the comment section below.

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  • Tudor Alexandru

    This is so pointless, I can’t imagine a single scenario where this would come in handy… I mean heavy rain maybe, but let’s be reasonable, nobody plans to go for for a swim with their smartphone in their pants.

  • Stewvy

    I know people that have dropped phone in toilet.
    body armour isnt “handy” until your shot

  • HoK

    I actually splashed into a pool, forgot I was carrying my iPhone 4 on a swimsuit pocket, as soon as I hit the water it hit me “my iPhone!!!!”, pulled up head above water, digged my pocket and raised my phone to the open air. Left it a couple of days in the sun inside a ziplock full of rice, it did turn on but the screen went kaput. Replaced it, everything worked fine for a couple of weeks, then it started rebooting, took it to a shop at San Antonio, Tx for a water damage treatment and battery replacement. 80 bucks later, it only charges while turned off. Guess main board is fried, sold it cheap to a friend. It’s called cut/loss. :-(

  • Jaden

    I think it’s pretty awesome!!! Great for those mishaps you don’t intend on happening. My wife’s phone fell off the window sill once right into a sink filled with water. She had her otter box on it and it some what saved the phone. I took it apart and blow dried it. It tried to mess up a little but it works almost 100%. Had it had liquipel on it there would have been no issues. Now to person three peeps below me. Duh!!! No one plans on submerging their phone but just like my wife and the person just below me crap happens. So see it for the absolute piece of mind that it is and stop being a nay sayer. :-)

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  • Anonymous

    Nobody plans it – but it happens anyway…

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  • din dede

    but do you have liquipel on it, or are you just saying the instance where liquipel could’ve been beneficial to your phone?

  • The Hizzle

    You’re not a very smart person are you? What about people going on a summer holiday, and they wanna film some fun times in the swimming pool and so on? It’s far from pointless, the only pointless thing here is you!

  • Scooter

    Ok so people might think I’ve lost my mind but how deep and for how long can this protect my iphone4s
    I’d love to try this out the next time I go cliff diving

  • palopa

    liquipel 2.0 is out and for a whopping $899
    hahahah are they serious thats outrageous