Jawbone To Release Big Jambox For iPhone, iPad, And Bluetooth Compatible Devices

Do you miss your Boombox, but not enough to convert your music collection to cassette mix tapes (or to buy an input cord or adaptor)? Jawbone is selling a larger version of their hand-sized Jambox imaginatively dubbed the “Big Jambox.” As the Big Jambox is a Jawbone product, the speaker can pair wirelessly with a music player through bluetooth, and through cables (3.5 mm stereo and Micro USB). Jawbone advertises 15 hours of continuous play from the Jambox’s rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.

If you’ve slung a boombox over your shoulder for any real length of time, you probably wouldn’t think of the Big Jambox as being all that big. At 10″ by 3.6″ by 3.1″, the wireless speaker is under a foot long and weighs less than three pounds, but it’s certainly bigger than .

Because playing "In Your Eyes" outside a girl's window doesn't work so well with PC speakers.

Cavemen like me assume that the bigger speakers are better speakers, but the Big Jambox doesn’t specify decibel or frequency response ranges (though the original Jambox’s output was advertised at a respectable 85dB with a frequency response of 60 Hz to 2O kHz).

Despite the name, the Big Jambox isn’t only made for jamming to tunes. The Jambox also has a microphone built-in for conference calls. It should support any app on your phone that compatible with a wireless headset. (Although from my experience on telephone interviews, I would be concerned with feedback from the powerful speakers. The echos that speakers like these can potentially pick up are really distracting for people trying to talk to you on the other end of the line.)

If you want to relive the 80s, you can pre-order the Big Jambox from Jawbone for $299.99.

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