Major Updates Might Be Coming To iWork, Meaning iWork 12?

The folks over at AppleBitch have astutely pointed out that a new version of iWork should be on the horizon quite soon, due to some much-needed updates that have yet to arrive. With the shutdown of, and the migration of all its cloud document storage functionality to iCloud, some updates to the iWork software will no doubt be required.

iWork 12 Coming Soon

All the iWork software allows you to hit a Share button to host documents online, but these buttons currently point you to the interface, which is now defunct. Presumably Apple will want to have iWork software integrate with iCloud instead. They will also likely want to integrate the iCloud file syncing capabilities that iOS apps have right now into iWork for Mac.

With the current version of iWork, the only way to get your files from iCloud into your Mac software is to manually download them from the iCloud web interface. Surely this is something that warrants further integration, now that iCloud is Apple’s primary document sharing service.

It’s been over three years since the last major update to iWork, and there’s now a pretty big incentive for Apple to release a new version. Once Mountain Lion is released to the masses, a new iWork suite might be quick on its heels.

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