Want iTunes Songs For As Less As 0.35¢? Move To Russia! The iTunes Music Store Is Opening Up To International Countries

This morning it was being rumored that Apple would be launching iTunes in Russia tomorrow, as TechCrunch received a forwarded invite to a small iTunes event at the local GUM shopping center in Moscow’s Red Square.

It looks like the iTunes Music store is going live ahead of schedule however, as various residents have confirmed that they are now able to purchase songs. Russia isn’t the only country that will be getting iTunes though, Lebanon, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia and Turkey (possibly other countries as well) will also get to join in on Apple’s musical revolution. This makes sense because Apple announced earlier today the iPhone 5 would be coming to 50 additional countries in December and all of the countries we just listed, with the exception of Lebanon, will be getting the iPhone 5 shortly.

iTunes Music Store Turkey

An image tweeted of the iTunes Music Store in Turkey

Songs will actually be cheaper in Russia, as well as the rest of the countries just getting access to the iTunes Store, and will cost anywhere from 0.35 to 0.65 USD. iTunes Match is also said to be available for a price of $25 USD a year. You might be thinking, why do they get songs for such a discounted price? Well, it has partly to do with the fact that Apple products cost tremendously much more in these countries.

Let us know if the iTunes Store has been turned on in your area in the comments section below.

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  • http://www.vago.co.il/ Guy Vago

    Itunes music is also available in Israel.
    Attractive prices also here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thom.v.nguyen94 Thom Nguyen

    Im fine with the Australian prices honestly Yes individual song ares quite pricey – but then again it’s not very often you get individual song (physical cd). With the discount on iTunes gift cards, sometimes iTunes prices are reasonable or attractive. (For eg. Bought a gift card that was 25% off, then used it to buy there itunes card that was on 25% off. Saved (31.25% off itune credit)

  • raghav

    its also available in india bollywood music

  • Ron

    shouldn’t this be $0.35? 0.35c is quite a bargain! (less than one cent?)