Sketching The Iron Man Mask On A 1984 Macintosh 128K [VIDEO]

Everybody loves the Iron Man, he’s a superhero who really loves technology and exploits it to the limits. Tony Stark probably used some highly futuristic tech to design that Iron Man suit, but what would have happened if he had to design it using a 1984 Macintosh computer. Or even better, a Starkintosh 128K!

This is strictly for people who are bored and don’t have anything to do at the moment. Matt Pearce likes Apple products and also likes working on them, so he made this video of him drawing the Iron Man’s mask on a 1984 Macintosh 128K using the application MacPaint. Here’s the speedpaint, and it’s exactly how Mr.Stark would’ve done it.

Do you think Tony Stark would’ve used a Mac or a Windows PC in the year 1984? Or do you think he would’ve already had an iMac or something of that sorts? 

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  • Arslan

    Awesome man!!!!!!!!!!

  • pro3r1c