Apple’s iPod Packaging Will Degrade In Water Within Minutes [VIDEO]

An interesting discovery has been made recently by Mashable. It appears that if you put the EarPod holder of the Fifth Generation iPod Touch and Seventh Generation iPod Nano in water, the results are rather surprising.

You see, after being placed in warm water the packaging soon becomes pliable and then falls apart within minutes. The end result is a pulpy mess that you can see in the photo to the left.

Apple has been known to take more of an effort in making their products environmentally friendly, compared to other tech companies. And even despite recent criticism, most would argue Apple still is ahead of the game overall.

If you try the same experiment with the EarPod packaging of the iPhone 5, you will be disappointed. Apple decided to use a plastic material with the EarPod casing in the iPhone 5, rather than the “renewable tapioca paper foam material” found in the iPod packaging.

This is the first time that Apple has used such a material, in our memory, and it will be interesting to see if the fruit company eventually starts using it more in product packaging. What do you think of Apple’s biodegradable packaging? Drop us a line in the comments.

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