Apple Airs New iPhone 5 Commercial Showcasing Do Not Disturb [VIDEO]

Have you ever been having a great dream, to then be woken up by a text message of phone call? Well, if so, that is the reason Apple implemented Do Not Disturb in iOS 6. And to showcase how useful this functionality is the fruit company has aired a new commercial for the iPhone 5.

What is ironic about this commercial however, is that it comes after a Do Not Disturb related bug was reported today. Apparently for a lot of individuals their phones were quieter than usual this morning and this was due to the fact that Do Not Disturb mode did not turn off at the right time.

In order to fix this one simply needs to manually turn of Do Not Disturb mode. Hopefully this was just a temporary glitch and will only affect users today, but you may want to be diligent the next couple of days to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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You can check out the new iPhone 5 commercial below.

UPDATE #1: Video has been removed from YouTube.

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