Apple And Amazon Beating Google In Developer Revenue

As consumers, we may look at the success of a mobile app store as how many apps it has, but this isn’t entirely true. From a developer’s perspective, success is where the money is made. So where is the most money made?

Analytics firm Flurry has put together a very interesting study comparing Apple’s App Store, the Amazon AppStore, and Google’s Play Store. The firm compared several apps that were available in all three app stores and recorded the revenue generated the different markets. The results are pretty surprising…

As expected, Apple’s App Store came in first with the most revenue generated for developers. But that’s where it gets interesting. Flurry used the Apple App Store as 100% for base comparison and found that the Amazon AppStore brought in 89%, while the Google Play Store only generated a small 23%. Flurry reports:

Another way to interpret the results is that for the same number of users per platform, every $1.00 generated in the iTunes App Store, will also fetch $0.89 in the Amazon Appstore and $0.23 in Google Play.

There have been several developers that dropped support for the Android platform due the revenue not being enough to develop for the “fragmented Android ecosystem.” Of coarse, Google is currently remodeling its Google Play Store in hopes of making it a better experience for its users. The former manager of the Android Market Eric Chu stepped down earlier this month leaving only one person to run the job. Hopefully this will lead to a more clear outlook for the company to make the right moves.

What do you think? Is Google making the right moves with its new changes of the Play Store? Or are developers better off on other platforms? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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