iOS Users Earn And Spend More Than Android Users, Says New Study

Apple products have always been expensive and it is believed that the people who buy them are usually wealthy or financially stable. Now, a new study performed by Toshl Finance, indeed proves that Apple’s iOS users earn and spend more than Android users.

This study was based on the customers who tapped into Toshl Finance to track their monthly expenses. They currently have around 360,000 registered users. Toshl performed this study across the top 10 markets, such as U.S, Canada, Russia, Australia, Europe, China, India and others. Apparently iOS users spent around $3,297 on average every month, whereas Android users spent about $2,761. iOS users also, obviously, earn more than Android users and are the richest users among the OS platform user base.


Average monthly expenses per person

Biggest Earners and Spenders mobile

Average monthly income per person

iOS users made an average of $2, 722 every month, whereas Android users made $2,227. iOS and Android were followed by Symbian and Windows Phone users. People still spend more than they make and most of these people live in the European Union, followed by USA, Australia, Singapore, Russia, Canada, Brazil, India, China and Philippines. Business Insider has created a chart that compares the monthly expenditure and income.


iOS users living in Australia earn the most, closely followed by users in Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Singapore, India, China and Philippines. It’s not just iOS users though, but people who generally purchase Apple products are not regular customers. They have money to spend and they earn pretty decent incomes too. I believe this is actually pretty true. Apple users usually have more money than Android, Windows Phone and Symbian users. What do you think?

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  • calvin chen

    Really? The wide range of android devices (600usd+ flagship phones to $60USD/499HKD 7 inch chinese MIDS. and budget phones that cost around 1/4 an ipod?) averages that out. I own (or used to) a iPod touch 4, but an HTC One XL, ASUS transformer prime, an android hdmi stick media box thing, 2 cheap android tabs (a really cheap pipo u2 and a unamed cheaper tablet, replacing with nexus 7 soon). i think this is slightly biased, and the majority of my droid toting freinds i know spend a lot on 4G unlimited plans and suff, while my iphone freinds use cheaper/cheap ass plans and rarely even use 3g and go around like an idiot refreshing/toggle the on off on wifi. just saying

  • Fred Erick

    another stupid fanboy comment