iOS 7 Adoption Rates Is Already Nearly 5 Times That Of The Latest Version Of Android

iOS 7 is popular to say the least… despite the initial criticisms of Apple’s new mobile operating system everyone I have talked to so far who have updated in my close circle of friends and family is loving the new design.

And now there is some numbers to prove just how well people took to iOS 7. According to the Analytics firm Mixpanel the adoption rate is already at over 37%. And that is good…

Just how good?

Well consider this. Google’s latest version of JellyBean for Android devices is currently at 8.5% in over a month. iOS 7 almost beat that by 5 times in 24 hours.

iOS 7 Adoption Rate Graph

As you can see in Mixpanel’s live data chart above, iOS 7 has been adopted by 37.47% at the time of this writing. According to CultOfMac “they measure this data from the over 1,420 businesses that hire them to track actions in mobile apps and websites, including iOS versions”

Apple always seems to have much higher adoption rates with iOS than Google’s mobile operating system Android and this is likely due to Apple’s own approach to hardware and software integration. Another element that could come into play as well is the fact that more devices run Android.

Apple will of course also release official numbers of the adoption rate at some point, so we will keep you posted.

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  • Elias Hodkinson

    That is because Android has a much larger variety of phones making it much harder for all of the devices to be updated to the same version because some of and the majority of the phones that have android on then are shit and wouldn’t be compatible with the latest version, and if they are forced onto a phone via ROOTing it, it most certainly wouldn’t work in harmony with the phone like iOS does will all of the iPhones.

  • Wagner

    You’re totally right, it makes sense! There are a lot of different phones which use Android, and almost all can’t use lastest updating version..that is just one of the consequences of the usage of an OS too popular!

  • Elias Hodkinson

    In a way I guess it is good for them because it usually forces people who are just your average consumer to upgrade to a phone that will support the latest version or come with it stock so they can become aware of the latest features and technology but it definitely has its downsides because then you have a large variety of mobile devices and tablets and stuff that are wasted with old technology and OS that becomes redundant.

    I guess Apple does the exact same thing making older devices non-compatable with the latest updates, forcing people with older devices to upgrade to the latest. Its a great marketing technique.

  • Glenn Lind

    I suspect that Nexus devices would be tied with Apple as they regularly release updates and notify you that they’re available. With my Note I had to manually hit the update button, and there was no notification that JB was available.