iOS 7 Has An Adoption Rate Of Over 70% In Less Than A Month

After just 24 hours of iOS 7 being released we told you guys that it was already nearly 5 times that of the latest version of Android. Now a new report from Fortune highlights that on October 14th the adoption rate has already surpassed 71% for all iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. This data come from Mixpanel and concludes that iOS 7 is the fastest spreading major iOS update to date.

To contrast iOS 6 actually took 30 days to reach an adoption rate 0f 61%, where iOS 7 has already reached 71% in only 27 days. This isn’t surprising though considering this is the biggest update to iOS since its initial introduction in 2007. And despite initial criticism of the OS, people seem to be enjoying it.

Apple iOS 7 Mixpanel

An 71% adoption rate is more impressive than you might think though. Windows 7 has yet to reach even 50% of PCs more than 4 years after it was released and Android Jelly Bean still hasn’t passed the 50% after being released for more than a year. Crazy, huh?

Apple still hasn’t released official numbers on how many devices are running iOS 7, but according to Mixpanel it is around 350 million. With a 71% adoption rate that means about 250 million are already running iOS 7.

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  • LeAnn

    Even with its shortcomings, people have to admit that iOS 7 is an amazing mobile operating system. It’s visually pleasing, smooth, and modern. Yes, there are bugs. But overall, iOS 7 is an outstanding implementation.

  • blu

    and once a jail break is released, the remaining will move over :).

    I have 6 iDevices, 2 of which can’t run iOS 7 (a 3GS and a 3rd gen iPod Touch, both on 5.1.1 and jailbroken).
    I have put iOS 7 on my iPad (regret doing it, was jailbroken) and my wife’s iPad mini. She does not like the look of it. I have not done her 4S because of that.
    I have a 5 that is JB and will stay on iOS 6 till the JB comes out for 7.

  • josh

    ios 7 is the worst thing . buggy, ugly, and inconvenience

  • Bernd Kilga