This iOS 6 Vs. iOS 7 UI View Comparison Infographic Will Show You Just How Much iOS Has Changed

An icon comparison between iOS 6 and iOS 7 was already shared, but now iOS developer MPow has done the same thing with various user interface views which is just as interesting.

In the infographic shown below you can see how iOS 6 compares to iOS 7 when it comes to the design of the toolbar, tabbar, searchbar, progressview, pickerview, navbar, alertview, swtiches and sliders. It really helps you take in just how much Apple has changed the look and feel in iOS 7 to focus on simplicity. This was done by utilizing smaller fonts, more simple icons and of course getting rid of textures and gradients.

iOS 6 Vs. iOS 7 UI View Comparison Infographic

If you haven’t yet had a chance to play around with iOS 7 for yourself be sure to check out our article on how to update to iOS 7 beta (as long as you don’t mind losing your Jailbreak). Alternatively in our hands-on demo with iOS 7 you can get a look at the operating system as a whole without going to the trouble of updating.

What do you think about the new UI views in iOS 7? Are you a fan or do you hope the final design changes with the public release? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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  1. I really see it very nice and well designed

  2. Thats sick too bad steve jobs cant see this.

  3. lorenzorota says:

    It’s nice, but it somehow reminds me of windows 8 for some reason :S

  4. Thom Nguyen says:

    it reminds me more of android

  5. ghayasudin says:

    yeah now its tim’s apple :(

  6. macaddict2007 says:

    I like the CONTENT of the new designs. I just wish they had textures and gradients. Maybe somebody will offer a choice with the next jailbreak. That would be sweet. And yes, it does remind one partly of Windows 8.

  7. new software is hidious i hate it.

  8. Why is every view and every app all white now?

  9. This looks very geared towards the white iPhone.
    I hope that it looks good on the black iPhone as well..

  10. I wish they had a black version of this, instead of reversing the colors

  11. Integrity says:

    Where is the picture in picture?, why can’t I see my Facebook update while sending a text?

  12. iOS7HATE says:

    It’s the worse iOS ever seen in the world. I’ll just stick with iOS 6 and Android.

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