iOS 6 To Switch To A Silver Color Theme?

Between BGR’s mockup of the Maps app on iOS 6 and the recently released WWDC app, it seems that Apple has begun favoring a silver-gray variant of its theme over the current palette of blue, grey, black, and white. While this may be a hint of Apple’s future design trend, it’s possible that what BGR’s source saw wasn’t the final version of the Maps interface, and that the WWDC schedule app is only for the event.

Apple's WWDC app - Where did all the color go?

BGR’s mockup of the Maps app admittedly doesn’t reveal much. It was released alongside blurry photographs, apparently of the maps app running on a real device. The mockup features a gray search bar with a gray location button, and a gray page turned up for the settings.

I’m hoping that Apple doesn’t switch to a gray interface as on the iPad, just because that could get boring on the iPhone’s limited screen real estate. The blue in the previous versions of iOS looked distinct from the status bar and the white panels. If it’s only gray, it won’t be much to look at.

This drab metallic reskin of the user interface could have something to do with an upcoming revision in the iPhone’s hardware, such as the aluminium iPhone backs revealed today by iFixyouri.

BGR's mock up of the iOS 6 Maps app

What do you think of the silver user interface? Do you love it? Hate it? (If you don’t like the style, at the very least you can bet on mods being made available in Cydia.) Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Paul Hill

    It’s about time!

  • Karam


  • Stevenbz9

    Is there anything in Cydia that already allows for this?

  • Na

    Please say it isn’t so!  That looks fugly.  Next version of the Apple TV, showing everything in Black and White.  If Apple is wants to change the theme, I’m fine with that.  However, why can’t they allow us to choose at least the colors.  Heck even since Windows 3.1 it allowed you to change at least the color theme!

  • Jay

    I’d rather it go darker.  

  • Moratech Industries

    Finally!!!! Sick of that light blue, reminds me of the default color from Windows XP just lighter.
    I personally would like it darker grey or black overall. Guess we’ll wait and see…