iOS 6 To Get Mountain Lion Features: Do Not Disturb Toggle, Safari iCloud Tabs, Mail VIPs [Rumor]

While Apple has been moving more and more iOS features to newer versions of Mac OS X, it seems that iOS devices will soon be getting some of Mountain Lion’s features, according to 9To5Mac. The blog cites “trusted sources” who claim that iOS 6 will borrow iCloud Tabs, Mail VIPs, and a Do Not Disturb toggle seen previously in Mountain Lion. These features would be handy in iOS 6.

9To5Mac's mockup of the rumored Do Not Disturb toggle.

iCloud Tabs seems to involve syncing between open session of the Safari browser, such that tabs open on a desktop window of Safari can be selected and opened in Mobile Safari and vice versa. Naturally this feature would be most useful to people who use Safari on their desktops, but hopefully there will be plugin support for other browsers. One concern is whether the user will have an option of disabling this feature without disabling all of iCloud, especially for those who share devices.

Mail VIP allows users to Star certain email contacts whose emails will then be treated differently from other email contacts. This would provide a level of sorely needed native email filtering on the iPhone. If I could set a list of trusted email addresses, I would turn email notifications back on.

The last feature is a Do Not Disturb Toggle in Settings, which seems similar to the NotiQuiet Cydia tweak. Do Not Disturb would be a universal silencer for Notifications, as opposed to NotiQuiet which silences Notifications only while in set apps.

iOS 6 Details

Whenever useful toggles are added to Settings I am extra thankful that I’m running a jailbroken iPhone with SBSettings. I can’t imagine digging through the Settings list every time I wanted to flip a toggle. SBSettings is the one feature I’d like to see Apple carry over from a Cydia tweak.

What features would you like to see in iOS 6? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • iroot

    sorry but Safari running on Windows XP o 7 is only crap.

    we knows that the safari running on MAC OSX is much better