Instagram’s Deal With Facebook Is Finalized, Devs Move Into Facebook’s Office, Instagram Isn’t Going Anywhere

If you a fan of Instagram, you might have been worried when Facebook bought the company and released a competing social photography app in Facebook Camera. Will Instagram be phased out? Will it still include support for Facebook’s social network competition like Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr, and FourSquare? If Instagram’s significant updates since the purchase of the company didn’t reassure you, statements from both Instagram and Facebook affirm that Instagram will continue to be developed independently from Facebook.

The Instagram app, post-merger, actually makes it easier to share to other networks.

On Instagram’s blog, the team mentions that the deal between Facebook and Instagram has been finalized and the developers are moving into Facebook’s campus. The message also says that the developers will “work together to evolve and build a better Instagram for everyone.” This likely includes users of other services, which are now all immediately visible on the Share Photo page.

Meanwhile, Mike Schroepfer, the Vice President of Engineering at Facebook posted a short press release which says that “Instagram will continue to serve its community”, but also mentions that Facebook will be working with Instagram’s developers to “improve the mobile experience.” This likely means that improvements to Instagram will find their way upstream to Facebook Camera and the main Facebook mobile app. Facebook does seem to migrate its features between apps, as we’ve recently seen Facebook for the iPhone overhauled with Facebook Camera-like picture viewing and comments.

After the merger, Facebook released their own social network app, which improves on many of Instagram’s features but has its own distinct feel.

What new experiences should Facebook create with the Instagram team? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Riley Freeman

    they need to include the most basic of features and allow multiple photos to be deleted at the same time. its ridiculous the current process. at the very least do not send us all the way back to the top. its a pain in the ass and ridiculous that companies with this much money behind them cant do something this simple

  • Riley Freeman

    p.s. mobli is a much better app. it includes videos as well. just needs to catch on