Infographic: In-flight Internet Usage Dominated By Apple Products

GoGo in-flight Internet provider has released a new infographic that shows what products dominate Internet usage in the air. According to the company, whose services are being used in more than 1800 flights in the United States, Apple products dominate in-flight Internet usage. The infographic also discusses the top in-air activities and browsers used.

When in-flight, passengers use tablet devices the most, followed by laptops and smartphones. Overall, both tablets and mobile devices constitute about 67 percent of all the devices used on GoGo services. And, it’s Apple products that most of the passengers use when surfing the web, checking emails etc.

The most used tablet is the iPad and the most used mobile device is the iPhone. Of all mobile phones, Apple’s iPhone takes 73 percent of the share, Android takes 26 percent, BlackBerry about 0.01 percent and Windows Phone about 0.006. It looks like nobody uses BlackBerry’s or Windows Phone devices in flight anymore.

GoGo also tracked what mobile operating system passengers use and found that Apple’s iOS leads with 84 percent share. Google’s Android operating system is gaining, as it saw an increase from 3.2 percent in 2011 to 16 percent in 2013.


The top in-flight activities involve normal web browsing, accessing email, social networking, news and weather information, maps and directions and more. The top browser used to access GoGo’s in-flight Internet is Safari, which is followed by Internet explorer, Chrome and FireFox.

What device do you use when you’re taking a flight? Also, have you used GoGo’s in-flight Internet service? Let us know in the comments section.

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