Apple Readying Refreshed iMacs, Probably Not With Retina Display

Multiple sources have told Fox News’ Clayton Morris Apple will release a new iMac “imminently.” This rumor in part draws from a blog post released by Marco Arment in July. The caffeinated developer behind Instapaper has also heard from his sources that Apple will be releasing an refreshed iMac this fall. Unfortunately Arments’ sources tell him that the refresh will not involve a Retina display. This was added as a correction to a post on Arment’s blog in which he believes that the iMac will be the next high-end device to receive a ‘Retina’ display.

What 4K would look like on an iMac screen. 1080p is the large green square.

Arment’s initial assumption of a Retina iMac was based on the fact that Apple’s PR suggested the iMac would be released this year, that Apple can only afford to install Retina displays in high-end high-margin devices (not the cheaper MacBook Air), and that Apple has not upgraded the iMac alongside the release of Intel’s new Ivy Bridge CPUs. Arment believed that Apple was waiting for something more important to it’s customers than a spec bump. That retina was the only way for Apple to go forward.

Retina would be hard to pull off on a 27-inch screen. Even if Apple just doubles the resolution of the current iMac, as they did with the ‘Retina’ MacBook Pro, a 5120 by 2880 resolution would a monster of a display. Even the 21.5 inch model would be firmly in UHDTV territory. I wonder if I’d be able to hook it up to the PS4.

Screenshot from Wikipedia. The iMac has not recieved an upgrade in over a year.

These rumors contrast ABC News‘ report from May alleged that the next iMac would be using a Retina display.

What could Apple deliver besides a Retina display that would make holding off until fall worthwhile? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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