The iJailbreak Top 10 News Stories Of The Week [Evasi0n7 1.0.8 Released, OS X 10.9.3 Seeded To Developers And More]

Are you disappointed because you needed to make a deadline this week, and simply could not spare a few moments to check out one of your favourite technology news outlets? Or maybe you were just busy and are only now wanting to catch up on what happened in the technology scene. Luckily for you iJailbreak has gathered the top 10 news stories of the week to make sure you are able to stay in the loop as we move forward into next week.

Top 10 Technology News August 19, 2012

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Top 10 Technology News Stories For The Week Of March 23rd to March 30th

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  • Caleb Youngblood

    Samsung Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dani Hayes

    Nothing here in this article is related to Samsung. Congratulations, you are an idiot. Maybe next time you could write “smurfs sucks”.

  • Caleb Youngblood

    I forgive you Android fanboy :D

  • Dani Hayes

    Not an android fanboy, I don’t even like android. You comment was just fucking stupid and completely unrelated to anything here.

  • Caleb Youngblood


  • Dani Hayes


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  • Mr T

    Haha. I pity the fools above

  • none of ur business :P

    yeah me too i love that conversaition i read it every time they update this page!!!

  • Dizz_Guy

    It’s funny how people try and start arguments haha. I’m just here patiently waiting for iOS 7 and a jailbreak :)

  • lorenzorota

    I still agree with sl0wCydia…
    Samsung SUCKS! (general statement)
    And it’s not an opinion, since many others agree


    since many others disagreee…